Creating Moments To Be Grateful For On Thanksgiving


High seeker. Welcome to a new episode of the gratitude. Podcast today with us. We have an award winning filmmaker novelist and game creator based in la. His novel hooked was described as entertaining well paced and highly visual. Mike irks reviews. He wrote directed and produced the movie. Adaptation of hooked that will be released in two thousand twenty one. He's also creator of board games and he won thirty eight awards and is also and he's also a speaker and now he is our guest and we will be talking about some very interesting topics with him. That are really relevant Nowadays his name is ellen wolf. And i am very excited to have him as a guest on the gratitude podcast. Welcome thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it my pleasure my pleasure so let us know little bit more about you Some of the things. That i i i failed to mention that you think are Interesting or relevant for our discussion. Well my it's funny that you mention the you mentioned about the games that that i've created una game creator and i was thinking about gratitude and my games in the first game i created. You're pulling my leg. What i created actually out of gratitude for two good friends of mine. I created the original version of the game as a christmas gift for them to help them get to know each other better and they they loved it. They played it in then They had other friends suggested to turn into a real game. So i did. And now you're pulling. My leg is played by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. But just thinking about how. I was just very grateful for the friendship of of my my good friend rob who was dating someone named summer at the time. Now they're married. They have kids. But it's interesting for me to think about how that whole journey started by just being really grateful for that. Friendship watt his wonderful. I i love how how you got into the topic directly and it's it's wow very inspiring because to be honest it's it's a really unique take on granted gratitude than it's beautiful for me that they get surprised by By days and by different takes on gratitude. Even though i've i've talked with many people about the topic. And i honestly i didn't even think that you could Through gratitude you could. You could actually Birth of a project like this and Because you appreciate the people in your life you you realize you can offer them something that is value to them and threw threw their support. You can create something that How many other people. That's this really beautiful. thank you i. it's funny i didn't. It didn't strike me until we start a conversation. How much gratitude is really at the heart of of this. This journey that. I've been on and it's interesting when you say about all the stories that you've created that you've listened to and the crowd to that you've heard because part because it is a storytelling game. Part of it is that you ask all kinds of different questions. People and i must say that. The journey of playing the game and and experiencing it with all kinds of different people for me to has helped me to dispute more grateful for people's life experiences and for what they've been through that's given me a different perspective on my own life in challenges and has allowed me to just be able to see things to other people's eyes to

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