Turning the Tide of Battles: Inside Air Commandos Average Day at Work w/ Silver Star recipient Mike West


Yeah. Mouse, and Barry, and this is tactical talk. Welcome back to our regulars. And to our navies were really stoked to have Mike west hanging out in the battery this week if you need to our show, here's how it works for staff. The show we kind of ask questions show the human side, these superhumans in the second half, you guys the opportunity to deep dive into their worlds might be their expertise in might be some more stories and might be a passion that they've got and the civilian space any altogether. What it adds up to his barstool and hanging out with some incredible incredible guys, we truly have the most elite and fascinating warriors here and the scoreboard reflects that. That's why we're the most listened to military related podcast in the United States and ultra popular with our allies, those countries to it's all down to the incredible caliber of the guys that we have here that show their time when their expertise their insights with us and also down to all you force multiple. Wires out there. Helping get the word out that there is this opportunity to get really special access to these guys it's real privilege, isn't it to get to hang out with them every week? At least that's the way I feel in this week is no exception. So let me tell you a little bit about Mike before we head into the show. So today I want to zero in on turning the tide of battles Renna. Learn a little bit for Mike gonna ask them to explain what the average day at work is for our air commandos here in the United States. He's in fact, a silver star recipient. I'm gonna barris him and tell you about that because he won't tell you guys about it himself, you know, humble our operators. Are he was awarded? Let me give you the citation itself. Because I think it it's much more eloquent than I could ever be. He's recently awarded the silver star. For extraordinary bravery technical skill and complete disregard for his own safety. The goes onto explain the drink two different battles exposed himself to direct an accurate enemy fire while. All the while coordinating eighty eight fixed, and rotary wing aircraft is our platforms. That's intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance think drones and like normal language and medically vacuum asset. So that's say bringing in helicopters to hope see fli vacuum the wounds. They can get the help that they need to get back home to their friends and family here in the United States. We have the privilege of hanging out with him today. And he's just left after serving

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