'Chicago Bears Winning Ugly' with Olin Kreutz - Episode 033 - burst 01


I watch Nick Foles press conference. And he you know, he got he got emotional over being questioned them about them not being very good. And I think coach Nagy was irritated to kind of like, you know Peggy my my answer was a welcome to Chicago and you play off with a really good defense, right? So, they'll get used to it, you know, as long as you win games nothing else really does matter. I mean, obviously when you look at them from an analyst standpoint, you're wondering when they get into that wage work or if an office desk or twenty one point early or three touchdowns. Can we score 28 to 30 points which they have? I think they get the bulk. Is it put up 30 points or the phone number? To go to Indiana fell but like you said pay you and you watch that defense, they're extremely good and they got one thing that a lot of good teams and teams that have good success with the formula of the defense wins games. They create chaos with a quarterback and they speed up the offense is clogged which creates turnovers. So that defense to me on film look up to dominate not only been six weeks, but that's secondary to find the involved the defense side how good they've been playing is that secondary is playing really well also, so so, you know and thought we'd love to say there's no pictures on the scorecard. I don't care how you got that birdie. A birdie is a birdie a win is a win but we would have loved for it to be beautiful and to be you know them be a great well oiled machine, but how long can they sustain this throughout the rest of the NFL season? We're about to file really quickly here. Right? We got the Rams. We

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