GFM Spotlight Interview: Justin-Lee Schultz


Box. So talking to let's. Do conversations that usually like to start at the beginning or is close to the beginning as we can. So tell us a little bit about your beginnings. I. Know You started I guess on cheese what at five, right okay. So what got you into that? So my dad is a jazz guitarist so I will always go to his show or gigs Hertzel's and I. think that's what drew me towards music and plus there was always a keyboard now. So when dad started doing around Wow. Well, you you certainly have hours listening to. The album and you know previewing and your command of the language is just phenomenal. I mean you you have your own style, but it's you know your lines are so incredibly flew it and you have Oh, you welcome and you go you go different places which I love know so yeah. Okay Okay Yeah Yeah In particular I wanted to ask you about We. A couple of shows here on grown folks couple of PODCASTS. One of the things that we're we talk about a lot is we are all like Super Super Stevie wonder fans, and so on the record, there is an incredible cover of of do I do? How did you? How'd you put that together? That is. something. Else. Thank you so much. Wonder Fan the way that together was I don't think you know the band called Funk yard ex don't. mazing fusion band with horns and everything. So the leader of that band Steven. Johnson. He actually a rains do I do and? We initially did a recording with it really why we decided to put this on the will so I, GonNa, talk box, a quarter, some stuff my sister's I'm drowns and yeah. Yeah I mean it was it was great work and what I love. You know having spent a lot of time listening to that song you know the the the fact that you all were able to bring such fresh ideas. To Center changes in you know so forth and it was like, Oh this is new. Yeah. Yeah so. Tell us a little bit about your process in making the Aba me against like super exciting UM TO BE A. Debut to be with Shana, key and the whole nine. So what what was your process in in you know making the album putting it together I saw a scientist Shawna records in I think December last year either like January. Super excited about that yeah, and then my dad wrote a couple songs because he's amazing songwriter as well. So he wrote, some songs already had started checking ideas in my room. August. Amazing Producers Like Jeff Lorber in Paul Brown to produce like a songs in the Bible. My Dad was intensely like not intensely on. A really involved in. He's a he helped me a range music. Yummy produce the music. And Yeah got some amazing musicians on it. So mainly, my parts were all from room and then. Send them to like the artist planets yet. Oh that's also what do you have what you know it's a board, but I can't really tell is that a motif that you have of you or? Dachsie Mel yes. On Italy right I've been endorsed him

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