World Series Game 6: Rays decision to pull Blake Snell immediately backfires



Kevin cash taking up. Blake, Snell in the sixth inning last night with one and one out and a one nothing lead snow had been brilliant to that point no runs no walks nine strikeouts. The move backfired immediately the dodgers got two quick runs off Nick Anderson added another later in the game on a home run by Mookie Betts and won the world series. We'll bond. Can you defend what cash did? No And I don't WanNa hear anybody else tried defended either because some things are just indefensible and this is one of them Tony I I'm offended by what I saw last night just somebody who grew up on baseball whose I love and sport was baseball played baseball pitch and just offensive. So numbers are so important to you Kevin cash that you can't use your eyes which is supposed to be professionally trained and steeled, and you've been benched coach and manager then all these days and you don't know when you need to leave the guy alone you. WanNa, take the game away from the players take the game away from a starting pitcher whose lights out who the other team is. Now, not afraid of going Oh my God is shaking their heads and you don't have the baseball since in you to leave him alone and ride your good fortune to have this guy going this. Well, totally I was in contact via text with a couple of former recent former notable major league baseball players, and they were as startled about this development as I was and I just couldn't. No. There's no defending it. Yeah I'M GONNA. Give it a shot at defending human I'm going to preface it by saying if we don't learn from history, we're always going to be doomed to repeat it Kevin. Cash. Has Seen Blake Snell. He has managed Blake Snell for years. Now he's seen them all year. He hasn't gone through the sixth all year I'm going to read from my notes Ziara in these playoffs in the first four innings where he's been great as one point three, five from then on it's twelve point five, six last week Snell no hit the dodgers for four and two thirds and Then, in rapid order walk homer walk single and cash has seen all of this the last guy up before he gave him, the Hook was the ninth patron, the order, and he hit a rope to center field, and now at this point you've got bets and you've got SEGER coming up for a third time. The mistake isn't Yanking Snell to me the mistake is putting in Anderson Innocence the wrong guy in the regular season he's lights out but in the playoffs is over five and Mike and his last six appearances, he's allowed to run I I I understand that Kevin? Is. An. Easy target and a totally legitimate target. I just think in this case, he had seen Snell all year and the hulk wasn't as bad as what he did home. You're not playing lifetime achievement. You're playing the damn game tonight right? You is your sense of everything. This is your livelihood I don't care what he did last week. This guy has given up one hard hit ball maybe a second heart. It Ball. Alright. So yes, you got what you're saying about bringing a guy in who's been lit up lately I don't WanNa go that far I don't care who he had going warmed up. You have got a guy on the mound that has the other people in the other Doug. If you're a manager the time we know you're watching them to and they are shaking their heads when they walk back to. The dugout he has stymied them. If you're not smart if all you're doing is playing probability Tony, then go work at the win in Vegas I don't WanNa see you near a baseball diamond. So let me go back into this for a second because it's something we'll have to live with if he never wins forever in the way that great little does the way the Darryl bevill does. Making these what appear to be bonehead calls but I would tell you Dave Roberts said the same thing with Clayton Kershaw he let him pitched to two batters in the sixth inning whenever it was and he knew that Ziara after a certain point was bad and he took them out to protect him and to make sure the dodgers won that game I think managers do this I don't. You know I'm not crazy about analytics I don't WanNa take an anti intellectual viewpoint here that I think that certain people it's absurd managers rely too much on numbers and not enough on you but I think the mistake was who he put in not what we took out. One of the guys I was texting with last night we might be said half the front office is in baseball would have done this and it's not just a managers front office last night was bad night for Baseball Tony. You could say baseball's we at five. We know better than somebody even most cases who's twenty five years old. It's a sad night for baseball that a guy pitching a masterpiece. What are you take? You defendant Kevin Casting Colfax or Gibson? That's the kind of performance. This guy was spinning last night and he took them out and it's a sad night. It's a sad night for baseball I don't care how anybody who wants to defend it or painted even Kevin cast I don't care what he has to say.

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