Quit Your Job, Invent an Amazing Natural Deodorant, and Sell It All for Millions


So, Jamie I loved yearbook it's called Super Maker crafting business on your own terms and it just came out this week. I got an advanced copy at I. Think it's Great. It's just this incredible super entertaining personal journey, and then it's also how this sort of how to create your own business how to all in one So this narrative and then there's all these amazing boxes with tips in how to's so I'd kind of recommend to just about anyone. I truly couldn't put it down. You really get into this sort of the raw edges of what it means to have your own business where you're you're mixing things together in your kitchen, and then some potential huge account from overseas calls needs five finished units by the end of the week. Did we set out to make thriller a Memoir Business Book All in one or did you start from one vantage point in the move to the others while I? Thank you. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book that means a lot. Well, when I started my main focus purpose behind the book was really to be an inspiration source of information for further entrepreneurs. You know I've been through it from the ground all the way up to building the company to acquisition and. I. Understand. Now like everything it takes to build a business. Is Not easy of course, but I also knew that. The other business books out there just like. They can gloss over some of these things or maybe they're written by people who've never run a business themselves. So I really wanted something that was easy to understand that was written from a person who Wasn't a serial entrepreneur by had just you know kind of stumbled into business for the first time and I wanted all the lessons in there to really come from a place of experience. I wanted everything that I was suggesting to readers to be no based in in real experience that I had gone through and then the memoir piece. No. That was that was a fun important angle for me too because I think like especially like the earliest years of my life I mean it's it's it's a very short part of the book in the beginning but I think it really sets the scene for like. What it means to like, follow your passion into build a brand out of appear love. So that was important and I think it keeps the book interesting I did want people who? Weren't necessarily interested in building a business to still enjoy the story. You know that's why the memory pizza so. Also, Schmitz customers I I think it's really interesting to to learn about the stories behind brands. You know that's something that always fascinates me and I you know Schmitz has a huge customer base. Now I think they're going to really enjoy the story and I think it's just going to help You know add to that to the love thirty feel for the product and the brand so building a company from almost nothing to. Being. Sold at farmers markets to selling target and whole foods and literally more than thirty thousand other locations around the world. Then getting bought by a giant company like Unilever, all in seven years is such an incredible story. Is it hard to believe it happened and you know would your family and people who knew as a child say oh yeah. I knew she do something like this. Yeah. I every day still I'm just like. Like. How did that happen? It happened so fast and I think what added to just like the craziness of it too is that I, started the company when I was pregnant and so I was balancing motherhood along with entrepreneurship and so just like the last ten years of my life had just spent like this whirlwind of just like becoming a new person and like learning new things about myself and Yeah. My family's proud I was always like it's like the black sheep of the family. So I grew up in the mid west like tiny little town, no entrepreneurs and my family and everybody. was like living the the ideal life I guess you know you go to college you start your family and you never move and it just you know you're happy. In it never just felt right to me I, always knew there was more I just wanted just more diversity and exposure to new things. He does that was quick to move after I graduated college Sunday anybody was surprised by it. You know I also had been like jumping between jobs for most of my early adulthood and I think my parents always a little uneasy but you know had to trust in my choices and even the earliest days of the business you know I know they were a little unsettled with. The the lifestyle on another risk hasn't building a business, but they were proud and always there to support me I think know the one thing that's so special specifically with my parents is that they would go into stores and stand in the Dealer Niles and fix up the shelves make sure Schmitz looked perfect in in even talk to customers in the aisles and say you need to try this product and so you know they've been they've been fans and supporters to from day one and they they're still doing it.

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