Halloween Special


Those cultures who celebrate Halloween is more commonly known as a night when kids and kids-at-heart dress up in costumes in the kids go trick-or-treating Gorge themselves on Molly's in the adults have parties booked it falls on October 31st, because the ancient Garlic Festival of San home considered the earliest known route of Halloween occurred on this day. It marked a pivotal time of year when the seasons changed but more importantly observers also believe that the boundary between this word and the needs to be came especially thin at this time in a black seem to connect with the did this belief is shared by some other cultures. It's a night where it's become tradition to hear or tell ghost stories watch horror movies and generally skyros. And his son doing it here in the southern hemisphere. We haven't really had Halloween is such a huge thing. Like it is in parts of the northern hemisphere particularly the USA but some just celebrated here. So in honor of the season and the fact that there are two Halloween Yves in the world one in each hemisphere, I'm having special episodes of the book in the shadowlands podcast wage one today for our Halloween's Eve and 1 tomorrow for the northern hemisphere is Halloween Eve two nights of January and ghost stories and paranormal experiences. So get comfortable turn down the lights but not too low you want to be able to see what is Luke in in the corner of your room or out in your car door or on your stairs get you a nice warm cup of tea or coffee or favorite Tipple and your rug if it's cold where you are all you want what? Did you hear that? Was it my imagination? That must have just been my imagination. Are you ready to walk with me into this part of the shadowlands and see what awaits us there. Are you brave enough? In let's began. This is the second year that Wilkins should events happen able to have Halloween episodes which are a lot of fun to create invoice. But this year though. It's a little different because I've had some wonderful gifts on I'm going to re share some of them a paranormal experiences that our new listeners and welcomed you all this wonderful evening may not have heard before. I'll start this episode offers an incident that happened to me recently when I lived in the United States and the early to mid-2000s with my v and husband off. At that time I was living in a small town called wax off about 30 minutes out of Charlotte North Carolina beautiful little town. It was mid-morning. It was Daylight broad daylight. I was sitting in our sun room resting because I just hurt my back. I could be remove it was a bit of a mission for me to get on and off the chair but like being in late pregnancy, it took me a few minutes. I definitely couldn't just sleep off by she like I would have family. So I was just sitting there feeling rather. Sorry for myself reading and just resting when out of the corner of my left eye. I see this large blonde Vaguely Familiar woman standing on the other side of our Deacon. I saw her from the waist up which actually was impossible but I didn't even consider this at the time because of the height of the digging from the ground and birth It's made her about twelve feet tall. I did a double-take when I realized she was smiling broadly at me and waving to get my attention. I smiled and waved back at her and called out to Jail the next room. I told him there was someone on our property who was wanting our attention. Could he plz cheak and at the same time? I turned to look at him in the other room when I turned back to look at her if she'd gone.

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