How to Lead with Practicality | Interview with Yahoo Finance


This is Gary v Audio experience. Gary. Is Syria, entrepreneur. CEO, selling author tech investor and marketer. Among his many endeavors vein or chuck is the CEO of or Media Digital Advertising Agencies Servicing Fortune One hundred clients. He's also a much sought after public speaker and influencer. I- Melody Harm from Yahoo Finance and I'm so excited to be speaking with Gary Banner Truck. Today. Thanks for joining a scary. Thank you melody. The theme of this year's Am SS road to recovery. Tell us what you're seeing veer media. Your focus has always been on innovative experiential marketing of course that has sort of been thrown out the window to a certain extent Tell us how you've been able to give it. During time, it's really funny. The way you've been structured that I totally get the positioning of us being innovative or disruptive or things that nature. But in actual business meetings with big and small brands I've always clarified kind of my persona or like the vibe around us. I've always said look people think that were innovating. I think more practical I. think that most people talk about today in a very confused way most companies really put yesterday on a pedestal what used to work and they think of today as the future, but it's actually today. So ironically is thought we were practical versus disruptive or innovative. So to your point in the way you set that up. We were never doing vr a are like the things I talk about what consumers are actually doing now like I think we can all agree that consumers give their attention to this device. and. So when we're doing media and creative in these channels and Ott facebook instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, whatever they may be linked in for B. Two B. Companies. We think it's practical. We think it's underpriced no different than that to Yahoo, and early there's a yahoo that ad product Yahoo Google ads like Yahoo ads that was driver for my family's business in ninety, nine, two, thousand, two, thousand, one, two, thousand people thought Yahoo ads was so futuristic but if you were doing them, you knew they were practical you were doing business. So what's actually happened for us is people have thrown out yesterday. And Have Opened Their Eyes Today Aka the biggest brands in the world that we work with. A starting to understand paying six hundred thousand dollars for production to run on television. Might not be the best use of their money and have leaned into e COM.

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