Show 38 This Headliner gets an 'Eagle' in Life! Jeff Jena - burst 01


So that means in a Goodyear, right? If you're doing them to show that your three hundred people show you perform to sixty thousand people a year. So * 10 is 600000 * 4 four forty years. Is two point four million people so over forty years. I've probably performed live for 2.4 million people never take a few still a good minimum wage it less than a year for a million people have seen me on the Internet. It's amazing with technology is made available. I mean even this podcast we were talking bout that if I'd written a book and got it out. There may be a few hundred people would have picked up the book or something. But by doing this broadcast, I'm reaching thousands of people and we can share our history and and Comedy Club make people laugh but you're four million hits for your video. And this is a great plug for dry bar comedy. And you said it's on YouTube and you can go to Drybar website. You can you can go to dry bar comedy and there's about 200 comedy specials on there the name of mine. It's called old dog new jokes

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