Slab City - The Last Free Place In America


Hello, this is Stephanie. And this is cocktails and trivia the show. I talked about Society culture pop culture and a little bit of trivia so that you can have an enlightening conversation. Listen. I am a med researcher when it comes to be doing the research on the topics that you find interesting and giving you that trivia so that you can be intelligent look at Myton and stump your family and friends all at the same time here. We're coming up on the holiday season. So you want to have something to talk about at that dinner table and this is perfect for you. Today. We are talking about something that is really intriguing and interesting and something that's kind of like what I talked about last week when I talked about the Kowloon walled City in Hong Kong this time. I'm talking about a city job. That's in California and the United States of America sit back relax and listen and enjoy my tail about Slab City. I hope that you enjoy it said well, what is Slab City? Where does it all about? It is the last free place on Earth among the desert of Southern California. You will find Slab City Los wrote about it two hundred miles from LA and 150 miles from San Diego in the margins of a county that has the second highest unemployment rate in the country. You are free to resist, but you must adapt on Wikipedia. I found that prior to the United States official entry into World War Two the Marine Corps made a decision to cite a training ground for field and anti-aircraft artillery units to create the training base. 631 Acres were obtained after a construction was completed Camp Dunlap dead. Was commissioned on October 15th. Nineteen forty-two the camp had fully functioning buildings water roads and sewage collections. The base was used for three years during the war but by 1949 military operations at Camp Dunlap had been greatly reduced but a skeleton crew continued on until the base was dismantled and by 1956. Well, all buildings had been dismantled though. They're concrete foundations remained and that is where they got the name Slab City. It was determined. The land was no longer required and the deed did not contain any restrictions. All of the former. Camp Dunlap buildings had been removed. The remaining slaves were not proposed for removal and the Washington Post. I find that since the 1950s Slab City has drawn a variety of people such as anarchists artists drug addicts home. Centrex outcasts retirees and the impoverished that's practically everybody in the whole world and it is a sad truth that the very addictive drug met is fairly common and accounts for much of the crime in Slab City interesting but not altogether that surprising after doing that episode on the Kowloon walled City I learned so much and it is the same type of situation here in Slab City not unlike the Kowloon walled City at all slash city is Lawless talk dirty with crime and Anarchy. It's not pretty and it doesn't bring to it the best elements of society, but it is home year-round for less than 300. No mad, but life is hard rough and scary and the desert campers and old RVs are living quarters for these squatters that don't pay to live on the barren land. That's right. Yep. It is government land that the residents don't have to pay for Slab City is a town with shops and a culture of like-minded people will for the most part and it has the internet cafe where you can charge your electronic devices and sit and have a cup of coffee with your neighbors. This Cafe is the only place around with it. And it's run by solar panels from the same man that runs the internet cafe a tenant of Slab City can watch TV play video games and have a way of the world outside of this desert city up until two hours before the sun sets. That's when the solar panels stop working each tenant as it is with any homeless person and much money in Walled City must find ways to pay for food laundry clothes drinking water and anything for their own Comfort. It doesn't have the modern conveniences that most Americans dead. For granted and the one shower is owned by a man named George the one person in the slabs who has a water tank that he turns on when Neighbors come to take a shower. He charges $3 per person despite not having government officials watching over it. There are helicopters that are really border patrol flying over the city every so often took an eye on the occupants. You see Slab City being only 50 miles away from the Mexican border. That is why they need border patrol. Why would anyone want to live this way though? You say that's all it takes a thick skin to be able to handle the desert life. One of the slabs of the occupants say that it has been amazing living there. When you see Slab City on the videos or pictures of Psalm City. It's hard to imagine anyone living an amazing life there. But these are people that have finally found acceptance and in otherwise cruel world some have had trouble with the law. In prison or can't cope with the outside world. And what about the children of this Lawless City? There are children the few children do attend school and that's their life, but not a lot of investment for them and in the summer at night the occupants get a taste of the world around them. There is great music singing and dancing and the small businesses are open out for the tourists to come by and the tourists are upwards of two thousand people and the summer that want to see and experience a bit of the Lawless ungoverned lifestyle and there is so much to see

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