The COVID-19 vaccine is nothing short of a technology miracle


Vaccines are being administered. This week in the uk less than a year after covid nineteen became a devastating pandemic and the vaccines from pfizer in partnership with biontech and the one from maduna use a new type of vaccine technology. That's sort of like engineering. Traditional vaccines introduced fragments of virus protein into the body for its learn to recognize an attack. These vaccine use something. Called messenger are a or m are in a to give the body a blueprint to manufacture its own virus fragments to attack safi because the biotech investor and author of loon shots how to nurture the crazy ideas that win wars cure diseases and transform industries few weeks ago my wife and i bought one of these vaccines cleaning robots. That goes around your room. Now you can think of your body is full of these. Little robots and those robots are the proteins inside your body that. Get the job done. They do all sorts of tasks about twenty years ago. Twenty five years ago a group of scientists asked a question where do those robots inside. Our body come from turns out our body. Has these little three d. printers churning out those robots. they're call bribes zones but you can think of them just as three d. printer and you feed and instruction sheet into that printer and it spits out a robot so the scientists had this really crazy idea and they said what about if instead of like growing the drug outside in a lab in manufacturing it and injecting it. We just slip them a little piece of paper with the software code. So that the three d. printers inside our body generate their own vaccines and that's what the m. are a drug is an example of you know i mean this is vaccine development at a speed that no one's ever seen before combined with of course ongoing medical breakthroughs that keep happening. What is all of this suggests for the next pandemic. i think it's incredibly encouraging amarna fragile. So you need to code it and something that will protect. And that's actually why it took so many years to develop because just getting that protective coating right. It's very

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