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To espn at an espn you one other quick update as reject some of the scores year in week number four michigan and purdue secondquarter perdus got a 10 7 lead the story line here wilton speight left the game with an injury he has not returned we're going to return to still water right now you up pain we struck the second half once again barry jones you're sean kelly kevin feige very much word for a wild quarters three and four here at booed picking stadium in still water oklahoma sunsplashed heartless afternoon heat index 94 bowl teams o of employing up temple throughout the first three quarters of this week except for the start of the secondhalf tcu upsetminded here leaves oklahoma state twenty to ten on the road it's time for straight talk brazil device straight talk wireless fest falls best networks no contracts this rudolph was a headline for us going into the day is not quite lived up to the expectations that he laid out the first three games of the season barrett yes so far mesa rudolf you look at his numbers right there they're not too bad but you take away that eighty six yard touchdown play and the numbers aren't so good we got five for thirteen for fifty three yards averaging three point nine yards per play that's how high those are not husband numbers right there you can't take away the best boy but you take away that one point of james washington hasn't been a great game from ace word off also a form jason robinson hold bonds boots should into the end zone kick off the strike the second half we'll suck oklahoma state up offensively they're all twentyfive yardline the horned frogs one the points also the start of the day you're going to stay on the coin toss in sort of the date for taking the ball here to start the second half stras thinned out a little bit making their way back to their seats here hot after the others validly some cloud cover mason rudolph it set to go on the floor hash oklahoma state orange jerseys white past the white house let's move right to left here and quarter number three trailing by ten one receiver right zula ira or four six right doors year rudolf takes the step which they had often still rolls blood that's brought by evening inside.

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