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And i don't just mean living long either but also a strong association with capability meaning the ability to adequately perform activities of daily living as well as cognizant in all major age groups including elderly sentence ends which are a hundred years old semi supercenter neurons which one hundred and five hundred nine years old and supercenter neurons which are a hundred and ten years old in greater in fact inflammation has been shown to be the single most important predictor of cognitive abilities surpassing its predictability only by a person's chronological age itself this japanese steady that i'm referring to was a bit of a surprise to me because several different bio markers were looked at including blood glucose levels insulin sensitivity and even humor length but none of those predicted successful aging and each age group up to the supercenter neurons low inflammation was the only predictor of successful aging in all age groups so now you know in a more comprehensive way for those of you that have heard me mention sulfur and a few times already what's behind some of that disorder dive into some of the supplements that i happen to be taking at this moment i'm taking a multi vitamin called one by a company called pure encapsulated ones people ask about the brand so i'm sharing that i like this multi vitamin because it covers some of the basis for various micro nutrients that i just talked about and also interestingly has some trace elements including bore on which has been shown to reduce double stranded breaks accelerate womb healing significantly increased mean plasma free testosterone into a small trial and men and increase the half life of vitamin d.

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