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Welcome back again to the sons of liberty one eight six six five eight two nine nine three three. I'm lane to your candor. I'm putting the question to America. I'm putting a question to those set legislators and representatives of transgressing the law, not upholding the law. What do you think of a new Bill next up on the docket a Bill calling forth, the beheadings dismemberments, saline injections of all abortion supporters? Let's light up the sky and rejoice. Hawks. These are the same people friends. That see it as they call it in their fallen reprobate nature, of course, that it's somehow immoral to execute. Criminal that is found guilty for the act of murdering innocent people that's going to the to the chair or he's going to be injected. Is going to be put to death. They're the ones that saying that that's immoral. But on the behalf of the innocent baby in the womb. Listen, they're pulling down the law from protecting those innocent babies in the why it's all about money. That's what it's about. It was just like when Judas betrayed Christ. It was about thirty pieces of silver. I know people forget that he went and hung himself. Right after that. Right. But what would be the response of the American people? Let it go. Get it out their friends come on. They're supposed to enforce the law. Not transgressed the law. And if you bring us in a law unto themselves and say to them, well, what if we said this about, you know, the outrage the mainstream media would be up in arms. Can you believe it? Bradley's calling for a Bill calling four for the beheadings dismemberment saline injections of all abortion supporters, America think because this is what they're doing and on top of it. They're lighting up the sky in rejoicing. And I said this the other day, and I just got to say it again all America, America. You have no idea you have no idea. Which asking for? I'm not just talking about those that are advocating the murder of innocent. But those accomplices that just give it a pass and let these criminals do the things that they do because they are criminals, according to law, they're criminals. If I brought one of these said legislators that is advocating the murder of the innocent in the warm up to the third trimester. Or saying, hey, listen, I'm going to pull the laws concerning if the baby comes Alterra botched abortion that there's nothing you can do about it. Into your house, and you had a baby. That's let's say a week old. And this this woman that's advocating for this that I'm highlighting even now came into your living room and seeing the baby. All the while knowing what she was advocating would you bring her into your house? I mean, these people come to kill still and destroy just like their father, John ten ten. Until we call it for what it is. It's murder. People aren't going to pay attention to what's going on because it's not their baby. Yeah. These are our babies, we are brothers keepers friends. Mr. Ernst said concerning this woman..

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