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Dean Devlin, David Bryan, Eric discussed on Steve Trevelise


Dining which we will talk about the leverage director leverages coming back about that my favorite TV show and I tweeted the director dean Devlin who tweeted me back David Bryan updates us on his battle with corona virus and brit Breslow talks about what life was like he spent nineteen days on a ventilator with corona virus so stick around and also we got to get this out I got a tweet this out my latest poll on your approval of governor Murphy because all we hear about his album with university balls were seventy one percent Eric was in April Rutgers had him leading but of course he the bees behind Rutgers he fawns Rutgers N. aka then I got a problem with him so I put out an honest polite if you like governor Murphy tweeted out of Russia members university three days making phone calls seven hundred people my Paul one day on Twitter five hundred eighty responses check it out at NJ one oh one five dot com and right now it my ram it in in my room is my producer Sam thought helped.

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