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Back to coast to coast our special guest Lionel fan. Thrower pause. Our fourth secret mystery guests will take your phone calls with wino- as well. What is some of your favorite times of the year? Why no? Wow. Well, of course, has got to be pretty high on my list. I'm blessed with a wonderful family. Very loving wife to lovely do. It is to children, and when we get the family together Christmas just sparkles like the lights on the tree tax and another time. But I like this time of year when we're coming towards Easter in the spring and winter is over and we're looking forward to the sun God and the flowers go walk in the puck. Anything of that you do in the summer getting down on the big hailing cut. If where we live knows is lovely scenery all around the city, and you know, with the rocks and the mountains and the lakes, we've got a wonderful lake with we greatly Julie walking around in the big God if central and it is absolutely teeming with swans. I descend up those little black guy. You know, the very small black water buds. We'll see on one to play well together. It's a kind of living parable that also different. They seem to be good friends. All right. Let's take some calls here for your line while we continue. Chatting, we've got. Who do we have? We have Perry in California. Welcome to the show. Hi, perry. Hi, george. Thank you again. My friend thing. I you put my dad on the prayer list last week. He had a very mazing bleeding all things happen. And he is just fine now. Excellent. It does world Lionel all these years. You worry. Great storyteller. I love the spring hill. Jack, spring heel Jack story and all the other one. Are you now going to ask you? I mean, they're they're books. So I can buy on Amazon. How many books do you have out there? Now why no? No, you don't you? There's a lot of that. And there's also over a hundred of my old son switching titles, which I wrote in the fifties and sixties, and they will up having sort of Kim to Orion did the whole list them. And they're all available on on kindle. You can just you know, up and you'll see that big log that. And I sell the story when I was only seventeen and that was way back in nineteen fifty two and. We've still you know, we still getting commissions coming in zone. So from from seventeen eighty four still a writer, and there's well over two hundred available, and if you if you look up on the internet, they'll be a sell them, and you get them from Amazon or from from the USA, he'll based what have you bet supply points. A lot of them would publish didn't care about it. And you'll find them they're listed in Canadian USA book was and that would probably be more difficult to us in the UK to get the Canadian titles, then it'd be very straight full with the you in the USA. That's that is true. And the question Perry for Lionel, I just wanted to comment. I mean, I love England ever been there. I met an English girl on on Yahoo years ago, and that never happened fly there, by the way that I love England so much impact on my desktop, computer. I have London on their thank you, Georgia. Thank you. All. Okay. Gives them one line from the night before Christmas. I remember it was a night you can remove the house nothing was stirring, not even them. And is such a great. The book in front of me. That's as far as I can. And you know, have you ever? Have you ever heard us play it? When we first when you first took it on. Yes. Oh, yes. We produced it when music and everything. I'm such an Admira of the show, and the things that you do together with your team that I was so thrilled to know that on one of Christmas Eve contribute. Oh, every Christmas Eve that I work for sure. And this year, I'm working again. I'm watching I want you to just hear this line of we're going to keep your mic up with us. And we'll just chat of it. Because I want you to hear this rendition of you. You like the music. Was the night before Christmas when all through the house, not that creature was stirring, not even a.

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