FDA panel approves Covid vaccine in US

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Good evening we start with that breaking news from an independent. Fda advisory panel of experts late today giving its endorsement for emergency. Use a pfizer as covid vaccine here in the united states their recommendation. Now in the hands of the fda itself which could give its go-ahead any day now that would allow the start of an ambitious mass vaccination effort just as the country reels from loss of over three thousand people in a single day from the virus. Let's begin tonight with tom castillo. The virtual vote came after eight hours so back and forth on efficacy and safety and outside advisory panel of experts charged with giving the fda unbiased and unfiltered analysis of pfizer's covid vaccine the american public demand and deserve comprehensive and independent review of the data. Now the fda will decide whether to follow the uk and canada. In green-lighting the vaccine for emergency use. That decision could come within days or even hours. Fda commissioner hahn on we've shrunk in a process that normally takes months into one. That's taken weeks. And i have a one hundred percents confidence in them. And i believe the american people should as well wants. The fda approves operation warp speed will move into high gear thousands of ups and fedex trucks and planes mobilized nationwide the faa giving priority clearance to air cargo shipments. In the first week visor plans to ship. Roughly two point nine million doses each state's allocation based on his population with bigger states. Getting the most california receiving three hundred twenty seven. Thousand initial doses. Medium-size states like maryland. Minnesota about fifty thousand small estates and wyoming about five thousand initially across the country. Frontline medical workers will go first at the university of wisconsin mid center in madison. Their training to vaccinate the first two thousand staffers in the er icu and kobe. Units identified as group. One a you're talking about. Physicians advanced practice providers nurse practitioners and physician assistants respiratory therapists. Nursing assistants are registered nurses. That population has the highest touch points with the kobe. Positive patients already shipping one hundred fifty million kits that include syringes and p for starting the injection process all right. Tom joins us now. Tom some members of this advisory committee did raise issues some concern about those people on the uk who had some sort of an allergic reaction concern about that and some members want more research into the effect on sixteen and seventeen year olds also pregnant women that want to see how they fare with the vaccine. All right tom as you heard those frontline healthcare workers will be among the first to receive the vaccine once it gets final approval and an unprecedented distribution effort kicks in gabe. Beauty ariza's with some of them in michigan tonight in kalamazoo michigan just a few miles from this visor. Plant this staff at w. Med is preparing these ultra-cold freezers for some of the first doses of the vaccine. You're essentially one of the first parts of the supply chain yet. This is very cutting edge to be able to be one of those first people that potentially could get. That vaccine is is something extraordinary extraordinary because it feels like something out of the movies we expected vaccine rates and rollouts of vaccines and studies to take food or five years and the best of situations. This is six to nine months. This is like star trek. This is amazingly fast. Some healthcare workers have told us they feel some guilt taking vaccine i but they know they need it to better care for their patients. The medical community hoping to show anyone skeptical. The vaccine that it's safe is this the beginning of the end of the pandemic. I sure would like to hope so. Let's go ahead and take a deep breath for me. For dr eliza erskine the hardest part of treating cove is not always those infected. It's their families. I had one patient. I took care of icu that her son came to visit every day. It was glass doors there so he could come stand in the hallway and stare at her and he would come every evening in just watches. Mom for an hour. And it's heartbreaking here in michigan. This huge pfizer plant is at the ready at the. Fda approved some hospitals across the country are preparing to get their first vaccine doses. As early as monday

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