#482 - The Next Generation

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Connect with sports if you think of the traditional ways of consuming sports you root for a team you watch and attend their games. You might be completely disconnecting from generation z. As an example the post cites. Espn's internal data that says that the percentage of twelve to seventeen year old stick and ball fans who call themselves. Avid fans has dropped from forty two percent ten years ago to thirty four percent today. What if i was to tell you that young people care more about what an athlete binge watches on net flicks. Then what he or she thinks about the next opponent or that viewers might not care about the athletes next opponent at all only that the athlete is a culturally significant. Figure if that sounds ridiculous to you then you might not understand this new generation of consumers. But if you're a decision maker stewarding the future of this sport you'd better learn to understand these jen's ears and give them what they want or you won't have a sport left to oversee now. The washington post article talked about gen z as relates to stick and ball sports. But we're going to do is spend this time talking about how horse racing relates to generation z. And what leaders in this sport can slash should do in order to reach them to do that. We have invited guests from a number of different viewpoints. I we have a racing executive looking to market his product. He is gregory. Vincent who is the vice president of marketing at gulfstream park. Next we have to young people with us. One became so hooked on this sport that he's now going through the race track industry program at the university of arizona. He is michael sand duly and full disclosure. His father matt has been a longtime espn event producer. Our third guest is madison. Bregman the founder and ceo of girls spelled with a z. At the end she consults with clients trying to reach young people. Young girls in particular. According to her linked in page she's worked with a number of clients including the nfl and she's the perfect person for this discussion because she can self reflect if you will on trends involving generation z. So welcome to all three of you. Let's start with mattie when it comes to sports in general how would you describe the differences between what appeals to gen z irs versus older generations. What degen's ears care about. Yeah i think the big thing is that where older generations would sit down and watch an entire football baseball basketball games. This generation is so much more driven by watching clips or highlights. The way that we're consuming it with that.

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