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Oh, new just because he's a local diet. And the parents said love hunt valley horse party, if you know what let's do something. So it's making connections. And it's just again, great people doing a lot of great things. Well, if you count the cars that come there every week, and I know you keep a tally of about. How many are there? You are the largest cars and coffee type of event in the country. It's amazing because first of all a lot of the cars and coffee type of events like yours hunt valley horse power a lot of them. Don't meet every Saturday. You do. Okay. Uram. Again, another thing that a lot of them don't. But even if they did the amount of cars, you have coming out every single week is incredible. Yeah. You it's really amazing really shocking even a day like this when it's raining. You know, we're getting a fantastic earn out. And I would say on average through the summer if it's a sunny day we're seeing between five hundred and six hundred cars on on a Saturday morning. Eight to ten and you know, a year round I'd say as a total I think we're aiming for baby fifteen thousand cars this year. If you could imagine over the fifty two weeks, that's. You know, it's just remarkable. I mean, it's just a real testament to the Azima this region and a little bit of dedication sprinkled on top of it. I think that's really all. It's just a just a very special extended family here. Well, it's a chance for you to give back, and we appreciate you doing that you won't be able to talk to wilder day. Probably he's running around on his bike. I'm sure probably most of the event, but Mike Lambert is out there at the iron rooster in his black challenger. And it's time to make your way out there to hunt valley horsepower before ten o'clock donate a new wrapped unwrapped excluding new unwrapped toy or bring a couple of bucks with you and give it to the to the guys there because it's going to go to a great cause toys for tots. And will we appreciate all you do? And thanks for being part of the show this morning. Thank you. Dave. Always a pleasure. All right, buddy. Have a good morning. You. All right. That's will at hunt valley horsepower, HUD, valley. Horsepower event is held every Saturday morning. Eight to ten at the hunt valley hunt valley event the hunt valley. Yeah. Not the mall but one hunt valley. Yeah. You know where it is. It's off eighty three and York road right at Xuan road. So make your way out there to hunt valley is going to have a great time and bring a couple of extra bucks with you. Or a wrapped an unwrapped excuse me, unwrapped toy and there'll be more than happy to take that off your hands. And of course, it'll go to toys for tots. Let's bring in Tony from Richfield Connecticut before we get things started. Hey, Tony good morning to you, sir. Good morning, sir. My problem seems to be are you still have IM syrup to went down? I I'm sorry. I got an a two thousand five Jeep liberty. And I seem to be having some problems on occasion when I'm driving or standing of the heat requires that I gun the car to keep the heat working. In other words, it drops off. If I don't keep the guy if I don't keep getting in the car. I Gotcha ideas. What that could be that does sound like it's engine related now don't don't get scared. I'm not talking about engine failure. But I'm just talking about under the hood. I don't think it has ended in with the climate control system. So you may have a flow of antifreeze problem in the little Jeep liberty could possibly be a thermostat could be flow being going through your radiator or going through your heater core. So I would recommend having the under hood. Cooling system of your vehicle checked. That's what it sounds like. To me sounds like you a thermostat not opening properly. Or is a flow problem of antifreeze to some of the components. You have a water pump. You have a radiator thermostat, and you have a heater core as your four major components of your cooling system. And I believe you're getting into a situation where one of them is clogged or not working properly. So under hood is where you want to try to check this out and see what's going on. Okay. Well, I appreciate that very much. And I want to thank you for being there for us. My pleasure. Tony. Thanks for calling from Connecticut, buddy. I'd say have a warm day that probably not going to happen. That's today today. Well, good luck. So we we we like it down there. That sounds great. Good deal. Bye. Bye. Thank study. All right. Taking a break. I'm Dave Serio. This is you ought to know. Talkradio six eighty WCBS. The group is called bare hands..

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