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In WBC Boston Soo's radio Back to the roads. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three has been a busy morning rough. It certainly has been Charlie route just getting down on the WB Z phone force. We've picked up a new crash looks like a couple of vehicles involved. They were exchanging papers North bound. This is in the area near the Dorchester Yacht Club. So we're starting to see a lot of brake lights now on the expressway in that area just after neponset around the gas tank, So keep that in mind your industry to slow down on that stretch and watch out for those vehicles. Shall found on the expressway slow. We have reports of a work crew on around granted have and you've got to slow down from the pancetta granted on the South Bound expressway Route three not seeing the big delays along the South Shore 24. He's okay. Looks like the ramp is better. They're getting that situation still cleaned up. It looks like the ramp. 25 north to 95 South and Mansfield's use some caution there and then we had a couple of vehicles that were being picked up. It spun out on the end of the ramp. 95 North New Two Mechanics street in Sharon operated of 1 28. North bound is still slow as you work your way from Todd and Pond Road to a crash before trip l O Road in Waltham. This report is sponsored by Indeed dot com. If you're hiring you need indeed, indeed delivers quality candidates. You can focus on interviewing people with the right skills receive his $75 sponsored job credit when you upgrade your job posted indeed dot com slash credit. Terms and conditions apply. Rob Tackler. WBZ is traffic on the freeze. Thank you. Weather forecast with Matt Ben's calling for sun and clouds today. Watch out for icy spots High about 32 clouds overnight Tonight 24 for a low and then tomorrow clouds and.

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