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Eight five five two four two seven two eight five. I'd like to get the phones here guys, but I can't see the list your anthem move that little four thing. There we go. So we are taking calls rising falling in the SEC parameters. Of course, where we look at the last three years, and we'll the next three years, be better or worse. We've made four teams rising. They are Florida Texas, am Arkansas and Kentucky. And we have four teams falling Alabama. LSU South Carolina, Missouri. And in the case of Alabama, it's just because they've been so good last three years. And the reason Arkansas is rising is just because they've been so bad in the last three years, let's do another one for I get the phones. What's going to happen with the Vanderbilt Commodores, last three years six and seven five and seven six and seven. I can't see them rising. So I have to go falling. I'm with you. Somebody. Like I think I think they are a perpetual five and seventeen. I think they've been at their ceiling, but I think they've hit, I agree with agree toes? I'm gonna say falling because they're going to have a year where they only win three and when they do they won't be able to offset it by having a year where they went seven plus vani plays a decent non conference. Schedule a lot of years, and they can lose those games. Like didn't they play Notre Dame last year? I think. Tough game eventually think Tennessee, you'll get lucky and still one. Yeah. Tennessee has you gotta think once in the next three years. Maybe they finally get vanity. Yeah. I mean, the ball get crazy for them to beat vanity but ball bounce that way at least once. So we go falling. Yes. All right. Let's go to the west Auber. Eight and five ten and four eight and five. I don't know. Going rising. They're going to have a year where that in the next three years, they'll have ten and three year. I mean Kentucky just had a in three year. But you tell me all not going to have one you convince me saying, Kentucky at attendant three year because I just went ten and thirty. Excellent. Excellent point. I, we'll go rising. I feel like auburn's gonna get one. I mean it's crazy. To think all burn football has averaged five losses a year. The last three years 'cause that if you had asked me, what has auburn's record been last three years. And I didn't look it up. I would have thought they probably lost three to four games a year. I would've never thought it was five. So I feel like they'll get up to that next level. And it'll be like four three two four instead of four to five and when I picked Alabama as falling I have Auburn winning one there, too. So I'll go you think Auburn beats Alabama once in the next three years robberies too big. I think I don't Auburn this year. What is the gap between Auburn? And Alabama now has it been is this. The biggest the gap has been in the last ten years. Yeah, the gaps big just those revelry games happen. But wouldn't you say this is the biggest the gap has been? Yes, I think so because five years ago, it felt like they were one in one a and now they're not one at. So this is probably the biggest the gap..

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