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45 heathrow tripped up and dropped by justin lane again after a gain of five on first down good blocking at the point of attack michigan's offense at lyon they call the guarded tackle are rounded pro the runner big play officiant playoff first down evans ran for ninety seven yards and their comeback win against perdue five yards on first down football at the far hash that the michigan state 45 accord operating from the gun evans set up to us ranked applying with the staff hands it off up the middle abbas he's going to proud south side once he has the first down there other half with a thirty eight eligible sticks again put a wolverine curry wool years willis whipped the stop chris five 511 through old fix got a word birth out of the back he can fix the handoff brought up the middle just cuts heart here's right hurdle look defender very polite evans and they often i'll the football again off the right side of the line breaks the first tackle the calls forward for a couple of yards it was for this shift who was there and the football markdown of a thirty five yard line it was tight nicer gone the kiryat areas a gain of two on thursday after watching spread offense in the last few weeks you witness nice that via quarterback and under better avenue traditional i forbade leap locker and handle all it is different second and eighth people jones the receiver cipolla doublesided were nation i formation for michigan off one under center again late fake back in the pocket what operate rebel plus did yours ranked he's going to keep it at a 35 heading toward eyebrow dimitrius cooper gave him a little shabbes a few yards shy of the marker looks like he stepped out around the twenty nine to tied add look for michigan the play action fake or course look into love got nowhere to go off washed out of the market picks up some good yardage the make it third down a short so third in three parties thirty drive of the game the eleven forty six to go in our first quarter chris evans is the tale back at a pistol four they should know porn out of the gun takes the football turns left gives to ever stood on hold nice cutback near the.

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