The Phantom Thieves Strike Again

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Hello everyone welcome back to the j rpg report. There's going to be episode one hundred and forty three. I've got my afternoon coffee ready to go and we've got a. Oh i don't know fifteen or so really fun. Good stories all about our beloved j. rpg's and I don't wanna waste any time as we had a bit of a surprise unsurprised announcements there's been some rumbles in the bushes for awhile about this one but it is official. The phantom thieves are back and they are going to steal your heart once again They got us once with persona five. They got us again with persona five royal this time. They are Well they're just strikers job. This was called a persona five scramble the phantoms strikers in japan they Short did a is just percent five strikers here in the west and we don't have to wait long at all. It will launch for playstation four nintendo switch in pc via steam. That's ripe pc players. You get to play along with us this time. On february the twenty third of twenty twenty one publisher atlus announced and there will be a bevy of language options. It will feature english voices. How cool is that. I had speculated that maybe that's nothing that we were not going to get That they were just going to pour it over but we are getting the full english treatments. You can see that in the trailer as well There will be a japanese voiceovers as well if you choose to do that. as well as english french italian spanish and german subtitles on all platforms but the digital subtitles for japanese korean traditional chinese on. Pc there will be a couple of editions free to lay down your hard earned money. You can get the launch addition that's petition force which impe it will include. These are physical copies. It will include a digital sauerkraut hot. All know what. I was trying to say a digital soundtrack with over forty songs and we all know how. Catchy this persona songs are so now you can be seen jamming out to your persona soundtrack. No matter where you are not just in game a digital and behind the scenes video. You can preorder that through all your major retailers or on Physical so yet through the retailers. There is a steel book physical edition however it is only for the switch and eleanor the america that's to only use and only best buy exclusive visit three only in there. I really liked still books. Don't get me wrong by this. On playstation four as i have noted in the past and it's not any surprise there's differences in the hardware. There's a pretty big difference to me especially between the playstation four and a switch you just really cannot compare the two systems. I don't need to play on the go. I primarily play in my home in front of my tv. I want the best version of the game short of having a souped up. Pc which i do not have There's still bake addition will include the still bookcase digital soundtrack as well as well as the digital him siviglia so all the stuff as the regular fizzle addition you can just get it From best buy in that cool stuff bishop now. Here's something we need to talk about. Excuse me let me take a a nice drink of coffee to get that adema threaten so not only will this game you coming to. Pc and this is kind of this is not actually mentioned in the article a either article on dementia or on us konia. My two main sources of information It is in the thumbnail for the digital deluxe edition. Okay actually. Okay never mind. It does say this. So i said all that and then i read that it does actually say that Pc players get to play this four days early. That's right so instead. On the twenty third you can now play it as early as the nineteen heath four days early access downloadable content persona legacy. Gm and all out attack pack that digital soundtrack of forty songs bricks in the digital behind the scenes video. But what do you guys think about that. Obviously if you're a pc Dona the air quotes a your master race out there. You are loving this not only. You're getting the game when you usually don't always get it day one especially for gop. jeez But you get early. Has that make you feel console. Players has that make you feel playstation persona guy who's been supporting them since one and Pc comes along not only do they. Only you know they've got percent of four golden and console players have evita do not but now they four days early. I've excuse me my throat's gone crazy. You hear about this every once in a while early access but honestly it's pretty rare and kinda makes me a little irked and even. If i was a pc player it'd be like well. That's kinda not right.

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