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Ramsey solutions right on the stage of our own team members Zach Bennett and his wife on Audrey welcome Ghazi Dave Hey you made it well I always had to come up stairs but we're here but you made it all the way to debt free we did like absolutely debt free that's a house and everything else that you're officially weird people we are officially weird people this is actually our second debt free scream we did our first one nine and a half years ago we paid off all our consumer debt okay hands I I joked forever I was the only person ever to leave your office to do a debt free scream because we did one at the bank when we pay off my truck yeah and so now I'm redeeming myself by actually doing one here at the office because you work here when you did that right did yeah about ten years and years today all right ten years today touch that one way to celebrate your Ramsey versuri exactly I love it so you you when you first started here you paid off everything in ten years later your house is paid off yes Sir and we we didn't even have a house back then we were renting and so over the course of that ten years what I was telling her we were we're reminiscing about when I when I got the job here we have to do it our first budget we never budgeted before and it was the biggest fight we've ever had in our marriage was when we had to do that first budget and it was terrifying because we didn't think we were going to have enough money to make it by moving to Nashville and all that but we didn't know how to handle our money back then yeah so once I got the job here and we started we went there financial peace university we started doing on a regular monthly budget about ten years ago this summer yeah and since then we got out of all our consumer debt we saved up we bought the house without getting PMI and then we pay the thing off so so we've we feel like we've gone from baby step one to maybe step seven in the ten years they have yeah that's why you feel that way that's very cool so how much of that how much was the house how much was the debt paid off in ten years well the the house itself was about a hundred thirty grand and you bought that when we bought it at the beginning of two thousand thirteen so right about seven years ago it took me seven years to pay off your house on thirty five thousand Bucks yep yep and we paid off the last fifty six thousand of it in six months okay what are enquiring minds want to know well I know your income but we had some money that was just sitting in the bank kind of aimless we've been saving up for vacations or new car whatever and it it was just sitting there was just a pile of cash we what why don't we actually just throw that toward the mortgage and so that was a big chunk of it then that gets you excited because you can see it yes exactly and then I started driving for lift and door dash on the side and made a lot of extra income driving people around Nashville and then taking your food to them after they come back to their hotel rooms for fun I love it yes sorry what do you do for a living I actually work in accounting and a local medical clinic okay very cool and your husband being hanging out these crazy people for ten years has had an impact I'm sure at times it was not always pleasant being a Ramsey spouse that's not bad but I'm very easy going person anyway okay all right well for those of you that I can't tell by Zacks Natan lack of fear on a microphone here is a radio guy he is on a radio team and does a lot of editing for ocean that when I'm out of town and you hear a best of that was actually in the work you make sure that we don't put best ups out there that say something that tells you that I was that was four years ago that we take that we tape every show and then he goes through the mind picks out the segments that are usable and makes up the best odds among other things he does but that takes up a large portion of your time that's a big part of it I'm also producing the YouTube channel every day so when you watch they ran the show on YouTube you see all the stuff we do in the lobby during the breaks or any other video packages we plan on putting all that together on a daily basis as well yeah okay very good and you got all right that's what you can tell what's going on so well done you guys thank you thank you did it how's it feel how are you today I'm thirty eight thirty seven yeah and you know paid for house yes Sir did you ever think when we bought the house you know you always say are you most people pay off their house in seven years we did yeah we paid it off and just sort of seven years about six and a half and we went to the bank that morning and we wrote the last check we sent off to Wells Fargo and never in my life I've been more happy to see that and I go way back and it we we came home and and we just kind of walk through the garden when it we really did that it was kinda anticlimactic like it should be a bigger celebration but for us we went out to eat that morning and then I just came on into work so we can help some other people learn how to do the same thing I love it very cool and we just got back we we've already kind of celebrated we just got back last week we spent all of last week while you were in Australia we were at Disneyland in California so we had we had these buttons and they're showing it on YouTube right now it says I'm celebrating paying off my house if you go to Disneyland you can get those buttons and write whatever you want on it and so we had a bunch of people not only their cast members at Disney but also a bunch of just regular people that were standing with us in line with a look at our our buttons and just kind of double taking go I don't I don't think I've ever seen that one before that was some weird **** yes we are very weird and happy to be out I love it I love it so I know you know the answer to this but what's the secret to getting out of that it's it's just paying attention it's it's budgeting it's living on less than you make it's earning extra income when you need to and just being diligent just paying attention from start to finish and and you know I I'm stealing from up from a master when I say this but if you if you don't have a plan for your money you're not gonna get anywhere you know so it's it's just learning from you and and it is not just that but I was thinking about this today too about being happy with what you have and not necessarily wanting all the best stuff when you can't afford it I was thinking about working in our old building for nine and a half years of my ten I worked in that old building and we outgrew it many many years ago but we were living with what we had until we could afford this one yeah and that was that was a good metaphor and for for us because we we always have been like well we didn't really need that we will be hit we're happy with what we have so so we've been practicing contentment for a long time and and we got this board last week when we went to California it felt weird to be able to just spend money and go should we get this yeah we can why not the budget right godliness with contentment is great gain Audrey when people ask how you did that how did you get out of debt what he told the secretive honestly it really is the budget is the biggest thing for us because we've been doing that for like within ten years and so that's just I mean that's how we live now every month we do budget and and it's just you don't feel guilty like when we have things that we need we have the money there to do it and so if we need clothes we have clothing clothing money in the budget you know and then I hear other people who are stressed because something came up and they can't afford it but we generally are not in that situation because we have made a plan for that and so well prepared mmhm that's everything I mean other than possibly you know some of the folks on the YouTube team or you know James our producer Kelly R. social producer I don't know anyone that has to listen to the show more than you I mean if you don't get this stuff over ten years no one's going to get it my head is very hard but it's not that hard when you have more hours of this in your brain than anybody else other than the guy who did it and we've left several financial peace classes and I've had people tell me that all the time they're like you answer that exactly like Dave when I was like well I have a reason for that I've heard a mansard opinion years of having to listen to your show every day job love it when you guys many worse jobs than that thank you very nice we're very very proud of you guys are wonderful team member your wonderful people and that you did it your lotus seven years old your house and everything you're officially warrior baseball did in seven years out of it all right Zach and Audrey counted down but zero debt free scream three two one we are debt free a well some of you listen the show for free Zach gets paid to listen to the show not a bad gig I guess worst things that have to do what he does act very very proud of you guys when you guys are special people you're great friends the great team members were so so proud of you guys house and everything at thirty seven years old man the whole team is gathered around here and do this and they're screaming with them everybody's top five and this is real you guys very very real a lot of it this is the Dave Ramsey show this folks great.

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