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Sid Rosenberg. There's a whole lot more Sid Rosenberg coming your way in just a few minutes when he gives us a preview of what's coming up on the Bernie and said show at 6 30. This very special Friday edition of the Bernie instead show but at 6 17 time for traffic in transit on the 70 years, Brandy Scott Bumper to bumper ride on the BQE heading eastbound approaching Atlantic Avenue. A collision out there, blocking at least one lane solidly is go back onto the inbound Guan is from 38th Street. Some minor pockets of slowdowns on the l I. U westbound Utopia Parkway through two Queens Boulevard. Great right now on the grand Central heading westbound approaching Citi Field Construction just picked up in that area. Some minor slowdowns on the Harlem River Drive heading south bound approaching the Triborough. Once you're on the FDR, you're in great shape approaching the 59th Street Bridge and still no big delays heading inbound across the Hudson River at the George Lincoln and Hollins. Mass transit is on her clothes. This report is sponsored by America's best Contacts and eyeglasses. Don't over Pay for glasses. Get to Paris in a free exam for just 69 95. Exam alone is worth 50 bucks. That's not just a better deal. It's America's best. I'm Brandy Scott from the traffic Center on Sock Radio. 77 w A. B C Thank you. Brandy Didi, a k a puffy, a k A Puff Daddy a k a. Sean Combs, pens, an open letter to corporate America saying, Why don't you love US? So Frank is going to talk about that momentarily. But let's get to your Ramsey Subaru Weather Center report today. It's going to be mediocre clouds and sun mixing this morning, but then it will.

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