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News Radio Tell you F L A 105.9 FM. This is an FN and alert for Hurricane Zaius. The National Hurricane Center says the storm will arrive at Florida's door sometime late today. Hurricane warnings remain for the state's Atlantic coast from Boca Raton north to the evolution Brevard County Line. It's forecast track has it slowly creeping up the States East Coast until Monday, Right now it moves northwest at about 12 miles an hour. Forecasters expected to slow down as it turns Mourners by late Tomorrow s A S has top sustained winds near 85 miles an hour with higher gusts. Hurricane force winds extend outward up to 35 miles from the center and tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 175 miles. It's forecast keeps its strength about the same through tomorrow. Dangerous storm surge could happen from Jupiter Inlet Toe Ponti Vedra Beach, where water could rise 2 to 4 feet above ground level along the coast and nearby waterways. This has been an FN an alert for Hurricane Zaius. I'm John Mike Weston. Hurricane season is upon us. Stay informed with news radio. Tell you fellas, Operation Storm Watch brought to you by Morgan exteriors, windows, siding and roofing. It's happening now. International Diamond Centre Spectacular Summer of Savings event Your best jewelry buying opportunity of 2020. Now for a limited time you get I d. C is incredible Value price plus three year zero interest financing and I, D. C will even cover your 1st 2 payments and everything's included rings, earrings, bands, bracelets, colored gemstones. Swiss timepiece is even G I A and forever mark diamonds. How about.

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