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I dot com forward. Slash Wellness Mama and the code owed wellness twenty for twenty percent of our time's flown by you're such an eloquent speaker a few questions. I loved ask at the end of the first being. Are there a few things that you feel like people either. Don't know or misunderstand about what you teach yeah I think that one is the idea that the miracle morning is about waking up earlier now granted a you may need to wake up earlier depending on if you wake up now at the last minute. Most people wake up because they have to write. They literally go breath. What's the last minute that I can wake up and not like lose my job. Have my children taken away from me. Get divorced right. I call it your mediocre morning where you're like. It's last moment I wake up up and not have my life fall apart now. If you're waking up in that way then yeah you need to back up the alarm thirty minutes but a lago wake up and they just the first half hour of the day rather their day is spent just checking facebook and scrolling their phone check an email so it's really not about waking up earlier as much as it's about waking up better batter it's waking up and dedicating the first part of your day to elevating your own consciousness putting yourself in that peak physical mental emotional and spiritual state so you can become a better version of who you are when you went to bed the night before the first thing is that it's not about you know being being digging up super early getting a little earlier and the benefits though are so profound that trust me. It's it's worth going to bed thirty minutes earlier. if that's what it takes right thirty minutes less than net flicks at night to have a radical shift in your life life is is very worth it in the other thing that I would share his that personal development is is not enough that that is actually my new book that just came out the miracle equation that kind of why I wrote it. Is that I've been in the past. I've been guilty of being what I would call a personal development junkie. I think a lot of US US fall into this trap. Where once we learn personal about meant we start reading books in listening to podcasts learning all these new ideas. We get excited and we're like wow I'm. I'm like A and we start. Almost our ego can get fed like wow I I know more than other people. Other people aren't recall my friends and family aren't reading these books and listening to these learning stuff and they need to like. I'm I'm smarter than they are right. So that's one thing is ego can get become a part of it and I was younger that was I was for sure part of my journey on but just a big part of it is we actually trick our our brain our subconscious into thinking that learning and growing in and of itself is enough to improve our lives and while it improves our lives at a certain level like you know if you learn new ways of looking at life like the things we talked like a five minute role for example right. That's like an internal thing that you learn and if you implement it you start to see that wow I can. I can be free from my emotional pain like I don't need to feel. I don't dwell on things infiltrating. Just let them go. After five minutes that does change your life but for the most part we you have to actually change our behaviour to change our life and and what the problem is when you think that just learning is enough to change your life. You know learn reading books on finances. It doesn't increase your income. Reading books on finances doesn't increase your savings right reading books on finance or on on being healthier doesn't make you healthier right you actually have to change your behavior and so while the miracle morning is arguably one of the most effective practices says for personal development. You have to compliment it. You have to follow it up with a process for goal achievement and that's the miracle equation is it's okay. You're learning the morning. You're doing your miracle morning. You're growing your evolving. You're elevating your own consciousness. You're becoming a better version of yourself great but you you can do that and still stay in your comfy. Come the comfy confines of Your Comfort Zone like stay in your house and keep going to work and not doing anything differently. You've gotTa have okay. I need a process. I need a method for getting out of my comfort zone and actually getting clear on defining clarifying planning manning my biggest goals and dreams and creating a process that will make my success in achieving those goals and dreams inevitable and that is that so that's to me the biggest mistake will make thinking the personal development is enough. It's only half the equation so to speak and I wrote the miracle equation is that is the okay now. Here's the process for goal achievement that you you that will support your practice that you have for personal but elements. You can actually take these this growth. You're experiencing and turn it into a tangible upgraded in reality that you can that creates measurable results in Your Life Such a good point secondly is there a booker a number of books that have drastically changed your life and if so what they are in the book that changed my life probably more than anything is called conversations with God and it is I i. I always the word God is also like miracle to loaded word in some people are religious and some people are spiritual and some people are atheist and so you know you you get lot different reactions on I read that book when I was twenty years old and by the way to be very transparent you know I grew up Catholic. I then started studying a lot of the world's religions and just I'm. I'm happy to help people where I kinda my stance on on this to me I seek truth and wisdom in all religion in all spiritual practices even atheism like I mean I try to look at all of it and not think that there is one right way and that everybody else is wrong that my way is the right way. I try to go hate everyone has there's you know. I'm looking for truth always to me like I said I I I I lean toward. I know nothing or very very little compared to what I what I can learn so much. Learn grow on a conversation with God it's. It's definitely definitely not a religious book I would say it's spiritual for sure but I'll be I read it when I was twenty and you know in the author. Neil Donald Walsh just conversations with God book for which it's like technically. He's written doesn't over dozen books. I'm actually reading book for Right now. Which is probably why that book is on my mind. You know the whole series on yeah yeah. That's that's a book that really opened. My eyes might encourage you to you know to read it with an open mind. An inconsiderate in the book for me was very very very impactful in just how I live my life and how I view my life and my purpose in life in my place in this world and how it can make the the biggest most positive impact and so so good as actually on my kindle right now and I'm about to start reading and I'll make sure it's linked. Oh that's awesome. That's a great book one book for the first one. Oh cool cocoa google yeah excited any parting advice or takeaways you. WanNa make sure we leave with the audience today yeah the one that I you know for me. This has become a major affirmation Russian which I won't go into won't go down that rabbit hole but I define affirmations as you'll see in the book very differently than most people do. They're not really using affirmations to program your mind mind and your behaviors for success on and the the the way that might most important affirmations and this is the parting wisdom sistema leave you with is that you know as human beings. I think that we all we have trouble creating space in terms of time between where we are are and where we want to be we look at where other people are and we compare ourselves or we look at where we think we should be your could be in and we were. We were in this place of often scarcity versity man. Why am I not there right now. I want to be there now. In its brain doesn't is number patient where it goes okay. There's GONNA be Let me take it might take me five years to get there right like I needed to find this journey in and be at peace with where I am and an and do something every day to move in closer. We look at where we want to be and go. I'm not their way out there. Why is it taking so long. Why am I not you know and and we have these feelings of scarcity inadequacy and so here's the lesson and I think that you know we probably took me hindsight to learn this and I share this us. Oh 'cause I tell people. Don't wait for hindsight. Don't don't don't suffer for years the way that most people do to get to this place and and here's the lesson is that when we finally get to the place in our lives when when you finally place in your life or your business.

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