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To the Packers and Bucks in just a second. There's a crazy story, though coming out so the Cleveland Cavaliers traded Kevin Porter Jr now They picked him 30th last year. Young guy had some issues are like all sorts of, you know, it's personal stuff. It's arguments with people behind the scenes and in maturity and all these different things. The guy's the guy's been on a trip for being the league for just about a year. What They traded Kevin Porter Jr to Houston now in the NBA that protect picks right. So if the pick is let's say it's top 10 protected. That means if your pick is in the top 10, and it's supposed to get traded well, then you get to keep the pick because it's protected in the top 10. So the deal is you get to keep it. And whatever parts. Other parts of the deal happened. Those go through well. They deal this guy Kevin Porter Jr and When Cleveland trades him What they got back was a protected Top 55 pick Now you might say, Well, Vince it I mean, top 55. Yeah, There's a lot of picks in the draft. No, there's 60 picks in the draft. There's 60. They traded this guy Kevin Porter Jr for a top 55 protected pick. Which is all it's it's the N B, a equivalent of literally giving the guy away. I mean, they literally gave this kid a weighs 20 years old. They wanted nothing to do with him. And here's how bad this story is with Kevin Porter Jr. This is nuts. Okay, there's the statement from the GM of the Cavaliers. Kobe Altman. And I want you to pay attention to the language in this statement, okay? Quote. Given the culture and environment we have work to cultivate here in Cleveland. We feel this move is in everyone's best interest Kevin as a bright career ahead of him as a professional basketball player, and At his core. Is a good person. Oh, my God. What a day Having terrible statement to release like that is the meanest thing Like, you know, Fern, absurdly fed person. They're very elegant on the dense. Well, it's like what is that? It's like it's such a It's not even a backhanded compliment. It's like an outright slap in the face. It's just said pleasantly with a smile like it's crazy. It's just so disrespectful and clearly this guy tanked the stock. I mean, it's just Wow. Um what a start to the career for Kevin Porter Jr. You hope that kid figures it out. Clearly, he's got a lot to work on. Uh, we'll get to the Chiefs of the Packers of the seconds. Go to David, Who's in Green Bay? David, what's going on? Events. Good morning morning. Yeah, man. Good to hear your voice, Some not commit a couple of great points regarding the earthy enemy thing, And I want to make a comment on that. And compared it and then make my little packer pick. Yeah, I'll give you the quick update out doing some Work here this morning. On my side Hustle. It is 26 degrees and stone like a mole flowing Green Bay. It is will and stop before the game. But other than that, it's come to Jesus for Rogers. He got what he wants. We got the home game here and If turnovers don't impact the game. And we're able to at least take care of the line of scrimmage. Honestly, we were going to be in the Super Bowl. Um, other than that, I like to be enemies thing. And, you know, I'd like to comparative who knows what anybody's gonna do? Hey, what? Three months ago? Who was this, Clint? You earned your spot. You got the shot. You're on the spot. You're on CBS Sports Talk radio. Are you going to be the next Dan Patrick or Jim Rome? We don't know. You got your shot, brother. You're doing a great job. Lovett. Keep listening. Go, Pat. Go. Thanks so much. Yeah, David, I appreciate it, man. I will tell you now I am not the next. And Patrick. That is definitely not what this is. I mean, I'd love to get paid like him. I'd love a full time show like that. But for now, you know, I'm doing weekend overnight, So I'm making the most of it, But, yeah, I like you. Just You just don't know what the coach until they actually get the gig. Sometimes guys get the job and they fail. It takes him a second time. That's just It's an inexact science. There's so many things on paper, the feel good about a coach and then the guy gets the job and he sucks at it. Or a guy that everybody says is Underqualified ends up being really good. Like Andy Reid was a quarterback coach in Green Bay. He basically begged to get the job. If I remember this correctly, like he drove out, or, you know, I'm not gonna bore you with all that. But anyway, friend for Andy Reid to get that job's a quarterback coach was like shocking. And you know, he goes to four honesty championship games with the Eagles or goes to five eventually, and then goes to the Chiefs and wins the Super Bowl. Like he's one of the best coaches in the league. He's one of the best coaches the league has ever seen. So That's a guy that nobody thought was gonna necessarily mount. Anything is a questionable hire A head scratcher. So you just You never know. With this stuff. You feel certain way and you got to see how it plays out, so we'll see with the enemy when he eventually gets a gig. It's got to happen soon. S o. Let's talk about the Packers in the box here because the game one being in Lambeau And having it This level of cold is certainly a factor, right when you spend all your time. I mean, I'll tell you like for me. I'm in the Northeast right now. I'm doing the show. The show is in New York. I am actually sitting here in New York doing the show, so Drive in. It's like a 40 minute drive. I got the heat on. I've got gloves on. And by the time I get here, and I get out of the car, my hand goes like instantly numb just instantly. I've just got a little bit like a circulation problem or something. But my finger like my middle finger was just pale white and it hurt like hell. And it was miserable and I hate being in the cold like it sucks. I'm just I'm not used to it so much anymore. It's like generally kind of warm in the winters in the Northeast Now, all the sudden, which is not not great, but that's for another time. Um, and it just sucks being the cold. I'm not happy when I'm out in the cold. I don't function the same when I'm in the cold, so For Tampa being a team that is naturally warm all the time. You know, I've talked to people in in Florida recently. The light. God's terrible. It's 60. You know, it's like, OK, so how we gonna do in 26 degrees? I don't know. It's historically It hasn't been great for the bucks. We'll see how it goes. But that's something that's clearly In the Packers favor. That's something they've wanted. They played for it. They got it. And now here's your chance. Here's the other thing, too. When you're looking at this game, you talk a lot about pressure on Brady and sure that's certainly a big part of the equation. But really, it's the deep ball. Like Bruce Arians. That's what he wants to do. Right. Mike Evans. That's what he's great at all this receiving talent being able to get down the field, open up space underneath for Scotty Miller and the running backs like you want that deep ball. And for Tom Brady. It's not a sure thing. Which is not surprising. The guy's 43 years old, he's 43..

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