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Millions of families just like yours kicked debt out of their lives and start judge neil gorsuch taking his vows to become the ninth us supreme court justice the public ceremony today at the white house his confirmation came in the senate last week after a partisan battle and a change its rules put into place by the republican majority this is probably the biggest accomplishment so far of the trump administration is day eighty one on there hasn't been one signature piece of legislation yet the healthcare bill went down in defeat he's had problems with his travel bans getting tied up in court and a lot of west wing palace intrigue drama abc's karen travers at the white house the governor of alabama facing calls to resign abc's brad mielke says he's facing several investigations into alleged wrongdoing governor robert bentley says he wasn't having an affair with his political adviser despite recording saying i love you affairs aren't illegal but getting state employees perks to your mistress is that's one of several allegations his team is denying others including listing state troopers to cover up evidence and firing a subordinate refused to lie to investigators about a separate incidents i have done nothing illegal bentleys wife submitted some of the evidence after he sent her a text reading i love you rebecca her name is diane brad mielke abc news united airlines called police to remove a passenger from a flight because he didn't want to give up his seat seeded happened before a plane took off for louisville from chicago screens of a passenger forcibly removed from his seat by police after he refused to voluntarily leave because united airlines overbooked the flight passengers can be heard protesting and reactor with his face bloodied his body limb he's dragged down the aisle by his arms

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