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See the usual gang of misfits and dope. Addicts are here. Dwarf. I wish I'd been here earlier though, because this poor old Johnnie Ray's birthday today. Come on. I leo. No, absolutely. Not. But you know, whose birthday a lot of birthdays today, we can all maybe one song. But it's dawn. Let's birthday today. Oh, big audio dynamite. Big audio. We played so many great being big audio dynamite zones in the baby that'll be potty break. We have one set for the potty break for big audio dynamite. Man. And it's also Brad Roberts birthday Crash Test Dummies. I'm always. Do you know what what? Four. We started doing these two minute videos at the end of the show. Yeah. So it's not on the air. It's a separate thing. Right after the show, right? After the show. I will tell you a story about going to see the crash test dummy. Okay. Remember, write it down because we're all forgetful. We will forget why write it down. What are we gonna do? I don't know. I didn't have time to write it down Perkin Kirkwood's birthday today. I don't know why it says kurkin pert, I guess, I meet puppets. Oh, okay. But we have some meat puppets. We played me. If I liked me. It's UC. Martin's birthday Lucy Martin chic. Oh, LA freak low say chic and one of the most overrated. Musicians or singers and songwriters in the world. Pat Benetton, oh,.

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