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Now the fourday forecast brought to you by the northshore music theatre areas of rain were still going to taper off to showers there may be an additional downpour to around now definitely a chili raphael temperatures hovering around sixty this afternoon falling into the 50s and 40s this evening clearing skies tonight and wendy lows forty two forty six west wind fifteen to thirty five miles per hour will subside through today tomorrow the some we'll be back to nice entered the week high of sixty two for our friday and i start the weekend as well sending in a few clouds pleasant sixty six saturday afternoon clouds they come with a few afternoon showers possible sunday steadier rain moving in from west to east during the evening high sixty five sunday afternoon it's going to poor sunday night into predawn monday potential damaging when possible as well i'm wbz tv meteorologist danielle niles wbz newsradio 1030 and right now we have sixty one degrees under overcast skies in boston at eleven twenty the bloomberg green business report the head of the environmental protection agency vows he will get tough on corporate polluters dismissing critics who cast him as too cozy with industry scott pruitt insisted in an interview with bloomberg news they don't know me we're going to do enforcement to go after bad actors and go after polluters the former oklahoma attorney general is leading efforts to roll back obama era environmental regulations including the first limits on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and an overhaul of clean water rules pruitt insists those regulations remaining will be enforced eric schaffer a former director of civil enforcement at the epa under former president bill clinton remained sceptical he says during president donald trump's first six months in office civil penalties paid for environmental violations were sixty percent smaller on average than for comparable periods in the administrations of presidents obama george w bush and clinton that's the bloomberg green business report i'm bob moon somewhere deep inside.

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