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The watch is set to last through monday afternoon because of low humidity and possible wind gusts in the forecast a fire with her watch means wildfires could grow quick quickly but it's not as severe as the red flag warnings that were in effect ahead of the devastating run of wildfires last month a woman in texas is one of the thirteen kids held captive by their parents in riverside county may have tried to call for help when the family lived in texas the woman who bought the turbines families abandoned home says one of the girls got out about eight years ago and asked a neighbor to take her to a telephone it's believed she called nine one one before she was taken back home the family disappeared shortly after that they arrived in marietta in 2010 the us ally mm committee has called on all twenty one members of the usa gymnastics board to resign because of the sex scandal involving gymnastics team dr larry nassar who was just sentenced to life in prison olympic officials say the board will lose its status as a sports governing body unless everyone goes three top usa gymnastics members resigned earlier this week michigan state university's athletic directors' also stepped down because of nasser many of the young women abused by the doctor of accused michigan state of mishandling past complaints senate investigators say drug dealers have been exploiting weaknesses in the us postal service to import the deadly synthetic opioids fenton hill congressional reports as traffickers preferred us mail because it's not a secure as private shippers senator rob portman is calling for more sophisticated package screened so huge so you want to bility to narrow that down to know where the suspect ones are and then to do the monitoring the postal service says it has made dramatic progress in the last year in terms of how packages the feds have seized containing opioids la has reached its no killed goal for shelter dogs since 2012 la's been trying to reduce the number of cats and dogs that get euthanized it shelters to mona no more than ten percent the city says last year over ninety two percent of dogs survived their trip to the shelter the survival rate for cats is still below the city's no kill threshold nearly one in five la shelter cats was put down last year traffic from your helpful socal honda traffic center a big race still causing trouble in sun valley.

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