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Competitor lift your beach says at six people, were, shot last night, in, twenty two. Year old woman is, dead, to other victims in critical condition they're still looking for the gunman we, now know who was involved in that accident Delray Beach That ended up in the. Front yard of a home Delray Beach, police say an off. Duty Palm Beach county sheriff's deputy ran a stop sign with seven people in his pickup they collided with a Chevy Tahoe. SUV this doctor lives nearby so two vehicles and it was a really violent accidents not trees and was up against the house I saw. A girl unconscious strapped in and. Basically pin from the impact from the side of the vehicle So young couple writing the. SUV taken to the hospital in critical condition to others in the pickup also taken to the hospital caused. The crash under investigation protesters against the Trump administration immigration policy literally chaining themselves to the. Entrance, of the, ice detention center in Deerfield beach people yesterday us bike locks around their next, to chain themselves to the entrance of, an ice detention facility in, Deerfield. Beach deputies use electric sauce to cut through, the locks in several protesters were arrested one protester says they're trying to call attention to, ISIS inhumane policies in the hopes of abolishing the agency eight fifty WTO will hold the panel on the issue of illegal immigration on July, twenty fifth Ricky bowl, NewsTalk eight fifty w. f., t. l. alligators have a reputation for being dangerous but. Officials with the state wildlife commission. Say human deaths are rare. Tammy sap is, with the f. WC and says gator, trappers are on standby across the state to. Help reduce gator attacks, on us humans anyone who believes that the alligator poses a threat to people or Patrick property these should immediately call our toll free new delegator hotline So in the past eight years they've only been twenty five reported alligator related deaths in Florida and training camp sneering. For the dolphins rookies report today tomorrow alibi veterans on July twenty fifth first preseason game versus the buccaneers. At home on August ninth looks like a house in central Florida we'll be able, to keep his Van Gogh inspired paint scheme city of mount Dora and the homeowners have reached. A settlement that will be voted on by the city council today the owners, painted it with the pattern inspired by Van Gogh's starry night. Painting but the city complained it that said it violated the code. Federal lawsuit claimed the city was, violating the families first amendment rights and as, part of the settlement the, paint, job can..

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