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But it's time to talk wizards celtics been more were running through the christmas day games i think rockets thunder in wiz celtics were more interesting than warriors calves so indulge me for ten minutes here it will i'm going to begin with an email from from jim which i i our ten minutes before we went on here is this he says dear andrew and ben please stop talking about the wizards as a top team in the east they lack chemistry on and off the floor and they've got a bench full of nobody's an albatross is just admit that the celtics are better than the wizards and move on restore your credibility the celtics are winning games with their best players in and out of the lineup and as of today there four and a half points better than the secondbest in opponent points per game their bench has a bench full of contributors who on the wizards bench is going to win the game your strong link mindset is being flipped and you guys should just move on i can't waste any more of my work day on you're wrong celtics takes just say they are better than the whiz and might be the best team in the east and move on can you do that or do you need to wine and qualify your takes respectfully jim so i don't know why i caught a stray there i mean what a vibrant it was it you it was never you that was from like a month ago or six weeks ago when the celtics were in the middle of their november world championship run and the wizards were sort of struggling along through another half asked regular season but it's because of perspective like that that the christmas day game was so sweet and i dunno i have several questions coming out of that game i guess number one for me would be would you rather have bradley beal or cairo serving for the next five years or my first question from the game and i'll get to your question was man the celtics just look really tired i could barely believe there variable to walk up and down the court i mean playing all these early season games because of this london a trip the media just they looked exhausted ame it's he i thought he was really impressive that they even played that game you know juicers spent subtle horrible slog here.

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