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And when he said I was like, it was like Robert Downey, junior, looking at the camera going, Myron, man, and you go, dang, do Iran and Luke Donald looking at the camera, and I was like, I know this dude is world number one. Like you could see it in his eyes, but he was, we were kind of in that we were in that post tiger run where we were looking for world number-one because his run ended in two thousand ten. And then he had guys like Lee, Westwood Martin timer on that's Donald how to for weeks. Those guys were like, one hit wonder, I know, look, forty weeks is not a fluke, and at the time at the time, if you had one guy when he was world number one for those forty weeks, if you said hundred yards to save your life. His was the first name that's coming up and there wasn't even close. Stunning to me, it wasn't even close for who's next because his wedge game was the greatest in the world, and he was a short hitter who didn't hit it straight. But he when he hit the fairway, he made birdies and when he missed the fairway, he made pars what's more stunning to you? Luke Donald having cume number of fifty six weeks at world number-one or Phil Mickelson never been world number one. Phil Mickelson never get that one. You know. And the funny thing was when Phil had the opportunity to become number one for those weeks when tiger was gone, every single week that they were off it has to do is finish fifth, like he, he literally couldn't do it. And I remember having a conversation with bones one time about like, why him no, Phil new. 'cause you know, Phil wants to know everything that's Louis. So he knew. Exactly what he needed to do every single week and putting that extra pressure on himself. He couldn't do it. He couldn't get the job done to get to world number one, which to think that Phil has never been number one in the world. That'd be like going. I don't know fat. Albert looked like fat Albert and never had a cheeseburger. It's just not possible right wanted you were go at that. It is like me. Ending. I don't know if you noticed, but I'm a vegetarian, not eight a tree, you're not just, no, but I've had this conversation before with people of why. There are a lot of vegetarian that are overweight. If easy Melwood is Brandon cheeses bread, it's, it's all bread is bread. People say vegetarian, then they'll, they'll get a vegetarian, they'll get when a half foot long sub with enriched bread. I don't understand. I'm vegetarian well, you know what? Now, you know, keep eating a loaf of bread. Because you can eat French fries. Those are dairy and aren't they? This is what I tried to explain to cause me and where my son goes to school, the coaches he start working out. He's large do too. So I was like, hey, man, I start working out. You went to the gym last week in for us. Thanks man. Then the do quote me the price and I was like. All right. Not making TV money, so. But I said to, I could work out to the cows, come home, but if you're not eating the right food. You might as well. Yeah, you just floating in. You're not making progress. So I have to figure out a way to convince my wife that rice is not a vegetable. Yeah, you're gonna have to. That's going to have to come out of the equation. Yeah, I don't know how to do it. I don't know why don't you guys try eating? Can't you make like like squash and stuff? Can't you get a special thing to make it like possible that cauliflower, you can do the colorful mashed potatoes which are delicious. Put butter on them. Yeah, butter has nothing to do with nothing. That's fine. What are you talking about?.

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