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Berry. Welcome to the Jesus Christ show. I. A question about the conservative bible project run by Phyllis schlafly, son on our I only heard about this talked about a secular lead roles in people weren't Christians. But they when I got on the website said that the, you know, the your name the years, we are corrupted not because of lack of translational stuff. But because they have socialist influences in them, and it to me seems to be pretty outrageous. Even though I don't read those translations. What would you have to say about it? Well, as far as the conservative bible project goes. I'm always leery of any group that looks is looking at scripture from a particular bent. Liberal conservative black white any group that looks at the bible from a particular. Bent can be a problem when it comes to translation. The thing that I find interesting about the conservative bible project is that it's not the truth bible project. It's not about saying we want the best translation possible, and those do exist. The ISV is a new translation that you can find out. I think it's v dot org, but you can see the the processes they are not so necessary at this point. But the beginning processes of scripture being translated and the desire was to to get the the the best translation possible, not the most conservative translation or the most liberal translation. So I'm I'm bothered by that because it should be the most godly accurate translation and for for years. You've heard the arguments against liberal bias in scripture and people saying, oh, you're you're emasculating it by having the unisex terms or anything that's gender inclusive and all these things really. It's about the content is the content still there are you hearing the importance of it. It can be bothersome that people say, oh, well, it says mankind here, and that's a fence. You know, the you understand the context of what's being said. So to try in a mutate or forced into scripture, something you feel more comfortable with is not the way to go. What to scripture actually, say? Now, there's a better scholars and people that are more efficient and translating now than ever before. And that should be utilized in new translations should come out. And what a lot of people don't tell you what Lund people don't know about scriptures. They're often like, you know software and they have newer versions. But like the for instance, will say it's the, but you don't know this two point, oh or three point zero or four point zero because when they change it. They don't necessarily let you know this happens with a lot of translations there's changes or modifications as they get better or they correct things and. This the attitude though, that it's got to be a conservative bent or liberal bent is missing completely missing the point. Are there? Those that read into it liberally. Yes, are those that read into it conservatively? Yes. And it's always gonna be that case. But look for the truth of the scripture in the best translation, I don't look for the political version. I that seems backwards. The Jesus Christ show will return in a moment to.

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