Mnuchin makes $916 billion offer to Pelosi for COVID relief bill


A nancy. Pelosi has refused. The white house's offers on stimulus deal multiple times so this was in october. This is according to business insider quote over the weekend. The white house proposed a one point eight trillion dollar measure. The white house proposal includes a four hundred dollar boosting weekly unemployment insurance twelve hundred dollar direct payments for us adults and thousand dollar payments for each child. The washington post reported democrats have pushed for six hundred dollar increase in weekly unemployment benefits and twelve hundred dollar payments for child. Dependence is well substantially more funding for state and local governments the democratic proposal. Also though it comes up it includes left-wing policies and left wing proposals. That have nothing to do with the virus or with mitigating the risk. So there's lots of left-wing pork in there that the republicans understandably do not want and are not going to let pass so it's not just a matter of numbers. The disagreement here but pelosi has rejected time and again any good compromise. Coming from the white house are coming from republicans for months plus insisted that a covid relief bill would have to be at least two point two trillion dollars. She turned down. Like i said a bipartisan. Deal one point five trillion dollars in also trump's one point eight trillion dollar deal but now now interestingly she has decided that she would support a nine hundred billion dollar covert relief bell which is obviously last in the one point eight trillion dollar trillion dollar bill that trump offered in his negotiation and she was asked about this. Cnn's menu rajoo. Ask pelosi if it was a mistake to shoot down the previous compromises the previous bills and she became very agitated. She was very annoyed by this question. This question of okay. Why are you supporting a nine hundred billion dollar deal now and you rejected the one point eight trillion dollar deal that trump offered you a couple months ago she got very annoyed and said. Do not characterize my actions as a mistake if you want me to answer your question. Here's a video of that over two months ago when he said i will not accept. Apple's tastes characterize what we did before as a mistake as a preface to your question if you want an answer. That was not a mistake. It was a decision and it has taken us to a place where we can do the right thing without other. Shall we say considerations in the legislation that we don't want so we're very pleased at where it is as i say with a democratic president committed to a scientific solution for this with the idea that we will have a vaccine. It's a complete game changer. From them so she basically admitted at the end of that clip and we kind of splice together. Different parts of her answer will include the link to the full press conference in the description but she basically says look you know don't characterize that as a mistake it wasn't a mistake. We had other considerations and other considerations she kinda reveals at the end of that is that now they have a democratic president. And so it's okay if they pass a bill so long as trump doesn't get the credit for it and because we have a vaccine now. We're able to give people less support than we wanted to. Before the fact of the matter is she just didn't want to negotiate with trump. She didn't care the people were suffering. She didn't care. small businesses. Were being closed down and people's lives were being ruined and families being put a very desperate situation. She didn't want to give trump any credit for the relief. They very well could have offered.

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