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The men's, tour the open championship this year at Kirsty and joining us to talk about this. Championship, for a few minutes Dan O'Neill longtime, writer, for, the post dispatch still involved. In the game of golf with. FOX's well they had welcome back to Kim wax hey Dan, great to be with you and we have this unique perspective not that we can analyze the course as a place standpoint but the coincidence that both of you have both of us have actually at Carnoustie my my take is. I think, it's the meanest golf course I ever played Yeah I I always think of the word gnarly when I think of Carnoustie it But. I love it you know I I considered the. Best of course I've ever, played I that's not to say there aren't other ones I just. Haven't played them but what I. Really love about it, is it's. Just naturally hard it's a very natural golf. Course, it's not tricked up not manipulated it's just a. A, really hard golf course it's I think it's especially hard from. An eyesight, standpoint, Dan where where you stand on the. Tease a lot of times and Yeah it was. Just kind, of, difficult to feel. Good about where where. Where does it the ball just uh I think are great great you know major championship golf, courses has wonderful history of course you? Know that's the place that, Ben Hogan, won an open championship and the sea only Oakland. Championship he played in which is kind of an amazing about HOGAN and his grand, slam you only get. One shot, at, it basically but you, know some great players have. Won their Tom Watson they said HOGAN and Gary. Player and then also interesting, when you look at this particular British Open or open championship is. The last three opens at do. You have gone to, a playoff. So looking at this one you know I. Wouldn't, be surprised at all that happens again and actually. The, last two are sort of historic in style because we have to The the. Second last time? They, were there John van de Velde rolled up the pants and climbed into the burn on on eighteen and, put on a show, that. Will never, forgotten and then the last time they, were there. Sergio Garcia, ten feet for the win Padraig Harrington the dumped the ball in the burn and doubled the seventeenth to, give them the opportunity Sergio goes out losers in the playoff and. Goes in politics in the the media room. Afterwards sort of, sets the tone for the remainder of his. Relationship with, the, media going forward. In his career let's. Let's talk a little bit about the field obviously Tiger Woods is in the field I said, early in the air I thought the? Open championship would be the, best opportunity, for targeted to win because he doesn't need to. Driver canoe STI he doesn't necessarily need to be a great butter what about tiger Well I think you can make, that case you know the other thing is just in the big picture is statistically and historically the British. Open is for guys in their forties that's that's. The the major that most most likely. To win, just just I think, it's something like you're in your forties you have four times greater chance of winning Burs Shelton than the other three so. There's that and and as you said you know. He wanted Hoylake I think, it was oh six when he, basically kept up to driver, in the bag or didn't have the. Driver in, the bag and played the stinger as he likes to call, it the iron off to cheat and you'll have to do. That here you know Carnoustie's just been baked it's hard as. Iraq with, the drought they've had there and in the ball's. Gonna run like crazy and players aren't gonna hit drivers but I I I'm. Not saying that's that's wrong that that could, be but, the other things You. Know he he won playing that way. Back in those six but that was before a lot of other things have happened so yeah, if he, could, recreate was he what, he was able to do you. Know twelve years ago Then he would definitely be. A player you'd, have to to watch I don't know that he's player anymore but he certainly could be, you know he's played pretty well is at four top, tens what was he tied for fourth at the. Quicken Loans most recently so I mean Tigers kind of demonstrated..

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