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Yes we're. We're starting. On our summer vacation folks. Darn houseboat will stop rocking. I'd like to take just a minute to thank all the people that are behind the scenes year half year. The bring the Great Gildersleeve program to you first of all. There's our Little Family Waller Leroy Mary Lee Robb is Marjorie and Lillian Randolph his birdie. Miami's new Bronco is played by Dick. And my low girlfriend Catherine. Milford is Miss Cathy Lewis Earle Ross has been with us a judge hooker ever since the program began and Richard Legrand created the character of Mr PB years and years ago the other jolly boys. Brian is floyd and Ken Christie is chief. Gays Bessie my secretary of the water. Department has Miss Gloria Holiday. During this year. We introduced you to broncos parents. They weren't on the program tonight, but when they are with us, Mr and Mrs Thompson and played by Joe Kearns and genetic olen announcers Jay Stewart and Jim Doyle are fine writing staff. This year has been made up of Paul West John Elliott. Andy White the musical bridges and backgrounds or composed and conducted by Jack Megan. The sound effects usual have. have been created by Monty Fraser and Ray Ferguson is our engineer. The show is directed by Ron van. Heartfelt and Max Hutto for NBC and the sponsor of course is the Kraft Foods Company? We'd like to thank all of these people for their contributions, and we'd like to thank all of you for listening and for writing to us now and then we hope to see all of you again in September. Please Watch your newspaper for details. Thank you again for a nice season. This is Harold Perry, saying goodnight..

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