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One thirty nine of enhancing human human experience. I'm so glad you tuned in today. This is the first episode of the New Year and before we get into the to the episode today and talk with Denise Johnson. I'm going to go over a couple of items just housekeeping stuff. Get you up to date on some changes that's happening and then we'll dive into the interviewed. Super Good I know you're going to enjoy great so for starters. You may have noticed that. The podcast aren't coming out every week for the time being. I'm release one episode per month. And and we'll see how that goes moving forward because I'm really putting a lot more time and energy into video content which you can find at YouTube dot com slash gs Mark Phillips and. That's going to be the direction for the near future. We'll see how it goes. The podcast will never go away but it's just changing a little bit The frequency quincy is going to be changing. So just keep that in. Mind if you don't see episodes every week that's why the other thing I want to mention and remind you of is if if you haven't downloaded tools for conscious creators from my website. G MARK PHILLIPS DOT COM. You can do that for free. What these are are the the best ideas from knowledge and wisdom from spiritual metaphysical even intellectual all the books all of the things that I've Kinda Kinda ran across it on my journey to create simple and effective tools? To help you be a more conscious creator in and actually do the things you came here to create the things you came here to create and leave them in this physical world right. Let them come through you into the world so these are really powerful tools. I've been using these for years ears and they've really helped so much and I know that you're GonNa get a lot of value out of them as well. Here's how you can pick them up. You can go to Gy- MARK PHELPS DOT com when you sign up for my mailing list which you'll also receive podcast updates blog posts things like that. Whenever I publish them there is a link in the email? The welcome email there when you sign up for the list that will allow you to download these tools and every tool will have a version number currently at version one point. Oh as I'm uploading these tools into this collection but over time as I refined the tool tweak the tools and change the tools which I do all the time you can check and make sure that you have the most current version and getting the maximum benefit out of that tool so again you know I find these tools to be really valuable to me on my journey and I think he will as well so that's available at G.. Mark Phillips Dot Com when you sign up for my mailing list all right. Let's talk talk about my guest today. So Denise Johnson is a coach and counselor. She's also a friend of Jess Mitra. Just Mitra was my guest. A number number of podcasts ago and shared some really awesome insights all linked to her episode in the show notes APP beneath this Youtube video or g Mark Phillips Dot Com. But but in this episode denise and I really talk about you know the value of the coaching experience and and really the Intangible value of it right right the we talk a little bit about the knowledge but also about the accountability from it which I like we talked about. I feel is really invaluable when you're talking about a coaching experience variance client coach experience. So we talk about a lot of stuff like that. She shared some of her practices to stay tuned in to stay pushing into that. You know uncomfortable zone which we know everything we want and all the good things in life is waiting for us in that zone. You and I both know that. So there's so much goodness in this episode. I really think you're going to enjoy it.

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