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Lieutenant colonel Alexander Veneman both sent packing just a couple of days after the president was acquitted by the Senate it was frightening scene yesterday morning in Saugus in the wake of the shooting WBZ TV's Katie Bryce has more a worker at the Mobil gas station was shot and killed in the middle of the day the shooter was found dead a short time later and we're learning how these two men officers descended on Clifton they'll square in Saugus we heard two big bangs this woman was scared for her safety and didn't want to show our faces we looked all over and the guy was on the ground a mechanic was shot in the chest outside the mobile where he worked later died at the hospital the gunmen took off in a mini Cooper sparking a search that put nearby Evert schools on a temporary lock down that search ended with the shooter was found dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound in his car in the woodland cemetery in average the two men are both sixty three years old their brothers in law in the late nineteen nineties DCF gave the shooter custody of the victims daughters the district attorney saying there is no threat to the public Massachusetts ranks as the nation's top states for the percentage of its graduating class that score to three or higher in an Advanced Placement exam that's according to results released this week by the College Board the results found that one of every three members of the class of twenty nineteen here graduated with a score of three or higher out of a possible five on that test Massachusetts also had the highest ten year percentage growth of graduates who scored a three or higher nearly forty eight percent of Massachusetts class of twenty nineteen took at least one of those exams tomorrow marks the ninety second Academy Awards we know them as the Oscars the annual glitzy ceremony in Hollywood brings out the lease will be held at the Dolby theatre and broadcast by ABC here the comic book inspired joker leads the pack with eleven nominations followed by the Irishman nineteen seventeen and once upon a time in Hollywood each with ten.

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