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Understanding of coaching, college basketball is that the ones who are good enough to do it, it doesn't really matter when they get hired. They're ready to go. Or they're not. And I'm not speaking adamantly about which one will apply to drew. We'll see. But if he if he is unsuccessful at Loyola Chicago, I don't think it'll be because he get hired when he was too young. I think it'll be just because, you know, coaching college basketball is difficult. Following somebody like Porter is going to be difficult. But yeah, yeah, the age, the age we'll be talked about every time they're on TV. Yeah. I don't care about it that much. If he's got the goods, he'll do the job. I would agree with you. Loyal is not shy on wings either. They will be a fun team to watch. Number three in my list, I got Colorado state. They've got my pick for preseason mountain list player of the year. David roddy, who is kind of the do it all guy at the mid major level and for that team, averaged 16.9 and a half boards, two and a half assists, had a 25.5 PER last season. They've also got a good play name I say, Stevens. Mountain west is loaded as what you'll soon learn here is we kind of run down these teams to keep an eye on. I just go with CSU to win the conference now. I think this actually this conference has a very good chance that having two teams finished tied with the same record at the end of the season. I think that Colorado state is going to be going to be that team. And how about this? This program has never won a mountain west regular season title. Has never won a conference regular season title since 1990. So I always like seeing going into a year. You see two four 6 8 kind of teams that seem to be set up for a lot of success, and not just that, but the kind of success that that region, that program, that fan base, that school hasn't had in literally two, three decades four decades. Colorado state is one such program there. And we are well familiar with mountain west teams because those games are regularly featured on CBS Sports Network. Me and brin stover, we watch mount west every week. You're all up on top of it. This should be a team I think is going to be at large worthy. Well, they made their 19 finals and they bring, you know, basically every important piece back, that's a team that should be able. It's not like they just snuck into the NIT. And they were on the bubble. You know, at the end of the season, regular season. Heading into the conference tournament. And, you know, then it just didn't go well, and they got I think appropriately left out of the field. But when you're that close to making the field and you bring everybody back every important piece back, yeah, you set up for a breakthrough season. That should be an NCA tournament team. I've got Colorado state very narrowly ahead of BYU. Cougars fans who won't be involved in a podcast or on a list like this in a matter a couple of years because you're going to be in a power conference in rightfully. So BYU is barely mid major by definition as far as I'm concerned. But yeah, we'll put them here. We've got to give them love somehow. And I think that BYU is going to make the instantly tournament. They're going to be the second best team in the WCC this season Mark Pope is definitely a coach on the rise. BYU fans, I know you are quite happy with the coach you ended up with after Dave rose did such a great job for so long, Pope came in and has been able to really handle this gig with a plum and he's just one of those coaches that's going to be in the mix for bigger jobs. Now, I don't know if he'll leave now because he's going to the big 12. You might have been spared here. But I can just tell you like BYU wins 25 games this season. They're back in the NCAA tournament. There's a job opening. He might have an interesting and difficult decision to make there. Because I think he's doing a really good job and has been able to maintain the momentum that was established for so long under roast. Alex barcelo is the name to know. He did squeak on. I think 85th on our top 101 players left. I got him as a top 50 player in America. I think this guy is going to be a, I think I'm going to be a stat monster. We're going to look up and be like, this guy's averaging 19 points, 8 boards, 6 and a half assists. Like if BYU can beat Gonzaga, get into that single digit conversation. His numbers might be so good that maybe kind of dark horse 13 all America selection. That's my, that's my bold prediction with BYU this season. I know you like Pope a lot GP. And are you with me? I've got BYU. We're going to saint Mary's in the second here, but I got BYU two saint Mary's three behind Gonzaga. Would you agree with that? Yeah, that makes sense to me. Mark, 23 and 6 in two years in WCC games. Would have made the tournament in 2020 if we had one, did make it in 2021. He's terrific. Yes. I'm not saying he'll leave BYU for a bigger job, but I do agree with you. He's going to get offered bigger jobs. That's coming. He's really good. Barcelo is already a stad monster. It's due shot 52.3% from the field, 47.7% from three and 85.6% from the free throw line. That's a stat box. Yeah. That's what I'm saying. I was pushing for him on the list. If he eventually got there, but I think we're just going to wind up being too low on him. It's not just him. See if getting in George can break out. But yeah, he's a very, very fun player. If you aren't familiar with them, get familiar. He's very fun and kind of vintage BYU guy. And BYU also adds Dijon Lucas, who's a transfer from Milwaukee.

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