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To show the citizens of this county that electing you was not in vain. Writing machine who went viral for ripping the Latin school board last week was more civil last night, but his message just his direct get schools open or get out. The board voted to reopen by fully learned that elections have consequences the night he quite a few people that are rated Challenged each and every one of those school board members and the 2023 Ft. Loudon parent, Alicia Andrews told mornings on them all parents are taking note of what they see, including one board member who appeared to fall asleep during last night's meeting. John Matthews on W. M A. L and W m a l dot com That game stock stock crash sinking the Reddit user who started the roller coaster ride teeth, Gill says the value of his stake in the video game retailer dropped by more than $30 million after share son by 60% on Tuesday, he says that adds the more than Five million he lost Monday. The Massachusetts man known by a pseudo name on Reddit, revealed the losses on the sites. Wall Street bets for him where he's been sharing regular updates about his investment. Gil is an Internet celebrity because he and his fellow Wall Street bet users were able to Jack up. Gamestop share prices High is $483 last week he says he still made about 7.6 Million. Despite the losses. Rob Dawson, Fox Man on Wall Street this hour, the Dow's up 57 S and P 500 up 18, the NASDAQ up 80 double drama, L traffic and weather Next. It's a podcast about money, but stacking Benjamin's not only has great financial insight it's laid back with humor, too. Princes, the state undervalued by $80 million. What a mask. You didn't have a plan ahead of time to minimize the tax. But now he has a court system. Everybody's being paid by the hour. You think this is going to drag on for a while, you think in a state plan is just something that you have to do. Listen and subscribe to stacking Benjamin's on apple podcasts or wherever you get your shows. Level up for.

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