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Radio show with me here today is Kevin and Salita cook out of Fort Worth Dallas Fort Worth Texas. Sorry, calling Dallas a whole state now. They currently at twelve properties to two thousand six hundred twenty doors are invested in and we picked up the story in the first segment of how the stimulus for their deciding to invest was the cabinet lost his job in two thousand eight and it just disrupted their entire family life. We're picking up the recovery out of that in this segment, and we're gonna work our way into their futuristic choices right at that moment. And I believe that was going into single family houses. So so leader Kevin whoever wants to pick this up. We Selena you sell the house you rally the kids. How'd you get them all up Austin? What happened there did you read a house or what you do? And dig it up from there. Yes, we moved to Fort Worth. Like, I said Kevin had been staying at an extended stay. We actually found this tiny tiny little house that we rented. And at that point the kids had been were older. So we only had one one child that came with us. We we're actually a blended family. So do the kids they'd with their mothers and one came up with us and the other one was older. So that process, we, you know, the kids kind of went their their own ways. And we came up here. Once we were up here, we we finally got acclimatized to the Fort Worth area. Like, I said Fort Worth is quite different than Houston as far as you know lifestyle and the the trees and the weather so it took us a while kind of embraced Fort Worth. When we finally did house prices were still very very reasonable. And we. Bought our first personal residence. And I I got a job since I'm a nurse. I could find work pretty much everywhere. And so we bought our our own house. And then realized that we wanted to invest in single family homes. So we bought our first rental home. And at that point, we we're doing the Dave Ramsey things. So we were paying everything off as fast as we could. So you know, we would pay as much as we could on our personal residence, and we would pay as much as we could on the rental house. And we finally after about three years we were able to get traction and get a little bit of income coming in. So we decided to purchase a second single family home. And but at that point lending for mortgages was just brutal banks were not lending. So in order to try to get any kind of financing for a house just required an act of congress, and Ben some. So we found a house a short sale, and we started trying to get financing for that. And the Bank was just kind of you know, one minute. They were telling us interest rate was going to be one amount. And then another time they decided that they couldn't fund the house. So anyways, an inspector came by to inspect the house that we were looking at and he told us about lifestyle, and he suggested that we we look into that. And Kevin Kevin who is very diligent about everything decided to start listening to the radio and in hearing what you had to say. And we actually went to one of the case studies. On that. And that's kind of how we sound by south looked share with us in the audience. What we hold on just on Salita hold on a second share with the audience if you would please. What your thoughts were when you first showed up at lifestyles, a unique environment completely and you've been struggling through all this stuff, especially trying to do read houses on your own without any information. What was your thoughts when you showed up your first event lifestyle? So what did that was it, by the way? It was a case study and Kevin was more open to the idea because he had looked on the website, and he had listened to the radio, and he told me you need to come and listen to this. And so I was very very skeptical. I was thinking, you know, this is another get quick rich Schoon, you know, we're going to go in there, and they're gonna do a song and dance, and we're gonna be out thousands of dollars. So we went, and I was very very skeptical. However, Kevin realized very quickly that he could do the single family that once he started listening multifamily just seemed the right way to go. And again, it was it was much harder for me to embrace that then Kevin because he's more than numbers guy. Kevin. What are your thoughts? When you first time attended. I was kind of skeptical too. But I had a I have a business degree. I have a bachelors, and and I started putting the numbers together and started looking at leveraging other people's time money and knowledge and one of the things that I really liked was it's not just the real estate investing. But more of lifelong learning, I mean, the books that you've read the things that you suggested a may really started trash kinda changing our paradigm of what we actually believed to be the American dream get a job, you got to college and started kind of changing those things that, hey, this is something that we can do. So did you both go to the two day or just one of you? No, we we we do everything together. You know, we are. We're a couple that we're on the same page all the time. So you always see us together always doing things together. So we went together. The motto is we either do it together enthusiastically, or we don't do it at all. So in that sense. We were very fortunate that we were both on the same page. So we both went to the day. And in fact, you were teaching the two-day really, oh, that's way back. So what was the moments for you guys each of you? I mean, there's always that that light bulb that goes off ago. That's it. That's what I've been missing. Because it does it happens to me. I I'm listening to watching something I'm going. It's interesting. It's interesting. I'm hearing you. I'm hearing you, but bam there it is. That's what ties it all together. What what were some of the moments that struck you Selena? I was it took me a little bit longer than Kevin. But what what did impressed me? Most was multifamily first of all realizing that we could do multifamily. I had no idea that just you know, any any person could purchase an apartment complex. That's such a foreign concept. I always thought that it would would big corporations are big companies, or you know, people with a lot of money. I just could not have phantom that that multifamily was within reach of anybody. And then realizing Scott the economies of scale in multifamily, you know, it's not it's not one house a hundred houses is not the same as a hundred door complex hundred door complex is much much easier than having to deal with one house for a hundred houses. So for me that was a. Huge is opening moment that we could actually do this. And it was very very possible to. All right. Well, kevin. I'm going to pick your your impression up when we come back for the break because we've only got thirty seconds left here. If anybody would like to call and ask questions either Kevin or Selena, our number here is eight seven seven seven eleven fifty to eleven that's eight seven seven seven eleven fifty to eleven and if you ever wanted to send me an Email and ask questions answered on those line personally or on the air. Send me an Email that asks del at L U, INC dot com. That's A S K D E L at Dell you INC dot com. You're right back with cabinet Selena. And. Oh..

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