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Germany. In March of nineteen twenty three forty four year old Fritz Harmon was euphoric. He was living in his hometown of Hanover, Germany in a run down apartment his twenty two year old on again off again lover and accomplice less than a month prior. He had committed his second murder by brutally biting through the throat of a teenager named Fritz Franken Harmon didn't feel a trace of guilt over the murder of Franken. In fact, he never felt guilt for any of his actions. Instead, he justified them by claiming that he never intended to kill his victims. But was overcome by a violent uncontrollable urge in the midst of the sexual assault. This type of justification is fairly common in serial killers. They're unable to feel empathy for their victims. And instead focus only on their own feelings and struggles. The nest is going to take over on the psychology here. Please note that Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, but she has done a lot of research for this show. Thanks, Greg Harman's description of his violent urges fits with that of a psychopathic erotic Fono file or lust murderer Dr J Malloy, author of the psychopathic mind, origins, dynamics and treatment writes, quote, psychopathic serial killers are emotionally disconnected from their actions. Their ability to dissociate themselves emotionally from their actions, and their denial of responsibility, effectively neutralizes any guilt and quote Harmon knew he would kill again, but was afraid of being caught. He took great pains to cover his tracks dismembering Frankas body and dumping it in the river. Luckily for him he also worked as a police informant. So police hardly ever knocked on his door without. Warning him law enforcement in Hanover was stretched thin even if the police had focused their efforts on tracking down missing young, boys. It's doubtful. They would have suspected Harmon in nineteen Twenty-three alone. Six hundred teenage boys were reported missing. In the city Harmon wasn't the only one preying on the young vulnerable boys regularly ran away in search of work or were abducted and sold to shady organizations such as the foreign legion, which was known to purchase young men to serve in the French army after getting away clean for the second time new confidence fueled Harman's bloodlust. So when he met seventeen year old Wilhelm shelter that Hanover station in one thousand nine twenty three four weeks after killing Fritz Franken he couldn't help but approach the boy by now Harmon had a practice routine for finding suitable victims he often patrolled Hanover station under the guise of a police officer searching for vulnerable, boys. Shoots was a young writer who had just run away from home. And this made him an easy target for Harman Harman had impersonated a police officer and pretended to lend us sympathetic ear to the boys troubles. He offered a place to stay into war meal. She'll say eagerly accepted the offers and followed Harmon to his apartment the room was small but spotless after nearly getting caught for the murder of Frank. Just weeks prior Harmon had scrubbed every inch. In fact, he had been scrubbing the place with harsh chemicals, so often that other tenants in the house had complained to the landlord. A widow named Elizabeth angle but Harmon had long ago explained angle that he was very particular about his cleaning habits, and she saw no reason to bother attendant for keeping his room. Tidy besides Harmon was charming angle liked him his charm also allowed him to urge young boys like Schulte into his bed. Given his pleasant friendly. Manner Harmon was always able to get close to his victims without making them uncomfortable in these situations Harmon, especially like to ask victims about their families this line of questioning seemed reasonable coming from a police officer. But Harman's true goal was anything. But noble he needed to know if anyone would come looking for the boy, according to Harman, he didn't always feel a violent urge to kill the boys. He brought back to his apartment in some cases and kept young men around as errand boys for several days. He gave them small jobs or meals until they stopped coming around other times, he raped the boys but did not kill them. But unfortunately, for Schulte his answers made Harmon confident that no one would question his disappearance Harmon pulsed he grabbed shelter by the throat and held him down. He raped him. And in the midst of the attack sunk his teeth into shelters Adam's apple. Schulz's remains were never found Harmon claimed he dumped pieces of the body in the liner river as he did. With most victims Harmon had now begun to see the killings as part of his daily life like his trade in secondhand clothing. In fact, in exchange for rent reduction, he gave his landlady most of Schulz's close Harmon was now so experienced in killing that he was profiting off of it during this time Harman's twenty two year old lover Hans Crohn's lived with him intermittently. If Crohn's was living with him on nights that Harman's searched for victims. He made sure ahead of time that Grahn stayed away from the apartment Crohn's had other lovers and would stay with them on nights that Harmon was busy. Despite this Harmon claimed grens knew about the murders and didn't mind them. He just didn't want to witness them. Likewise, Harmon preferred to do the deeds alone. And so the strange living arrangement with Crohn's was born. After the murder of Shilpa Harman grew insatiable in the following eight weeks, he killed at least two other young boys. Rowland hook and Hans Sonnenfeld. He was confident that his crimes would not be discovered. Thanks to his close relationship with the police. Dr Scott, a bon- a criminology professor explains why a serial killer might escalate the pace of their crimes to such a degree. He writes, quote, serial killers, get better and better at the business of murder with experience as they continue to operate and avoid capture serial killers become increasingly emboldened, and may come to believe they will never be apprehended and quote Harmon found a young man known as hoop at Hanover station. The boy was running away from home to join the marines. But unfortunately, Harmon had other plans the two left the station together and who was never seen again. Because last words were to was friend Alwin. Alwin give my parents my love. I'm going away hoops parents made a report and pleaded for help. But police brushed them off. The missing persons report was never touched. Harman's? Next victim was a young factory worker named Hans Sonnenfeld Harmon met the boy around Hanover station and courted him giving him gifts and taking him out for meals before he disappeared, son and filled till does younger sister. I have a boyfriend and I'm his bride one night. After an intense argument with his parents Sonnenfeld left his house and never returned. It's likely he fled to Harman's apartment straight into a trap soon after he killed son and filled Harmon attempted to prey on yet another very young runaway. But this boy was wary of Harmon from the start and less compliant than most of Fritz's other victims Harmon introduced himself as a police officer. And after a lengthy conversation convince the boy to go back to his apartment by threatening him with a rust for loitering after getting him to the apartment Harmon lunged at the boy almost. Immediately. He held the boy down and try to bite into his throat. But the boy thrashed wildly and manage to flee the apartment Harmon didn't dare chase him down a public street. He spent days terrified that the boy would go to the police. Luckily for Harmon, the boy was never found and is not known to have reported the crime, this highlights the vulnerability of the boys Harmon preyed on he attacked runaways and others. He could take advantage of because they had little recourse to fight back. It was a way of dominating his victims by June nineteen Twenty-three Harmon had killed three boys in his ground-floor apartment in a matter of months. His neighbors were getting suspicious of the auto or is he kept and the young boys that regularly entered and left his apartment. They were also disturbed by Hans grans is constant presence who they felt was sullen and sinister is neighbors formed varying theories about Harmon, strange, comings and goings one. Tenant thought he sold children to the foreign legion. But none of them imagined the true nature of his activities Harman's late hours. Weren't there? Only causes for concern while he had long traded in clothing and other stolen property. More recently Harmon had also begun to sell low grade contraband meat the meat was always cut into small bits and boneless. It was processed using a meat Kreider and sold as mints Germany struggles with poverty and hyperinflation following World War One. So a cheap source of protein was at first seen as a godsend Harman's, fellow tenants did notice that he rarely arrived home with packages of meat yet often left with them, then Harman's landlady became ill from eating sausages Harmon claimed where sheep intestines. Another occasions Harmon told customers the meat was pork. A store owner who worked across the street from Harmon became suspicious and asked where Harmon procured the meat Harmon claimed he bought it cheap. From a butcher named Carl based in the re cling in district of Hanover. The owner had previously heard Harmon state Carl operated and run Enberg on still another occasion Harman claimed he traded with Carl in the Hanover market hall. The store owner persisted an asked Harmon more probing questions. That's when Harmon pointed randomly to a passing woman. He claimed the woman was a friend and he needed to talk to her. Then he walked away pass the woman without saying word. He never returned to the owners store, but the owner wasn't done. He secretly followed Harmon one night Harmon was lugging a large sack to the liner river, the store owner couldn't make out its contents. But he watched as Harmon dumped it in the river and the dead of night the following day. The owner went to the police officers were skeptical of his story, but performed a quick search of Harman's apartment they found. Nothing at Harmon had avoided arrest once again, but feeling the heat of his neighbors suspicions forty four year old Harmon decided to move this time to an attic apartment along with Hans grans in June of nineteen Twenty-three while the move through any suspicious neighbours off his trail. It did little to delay his killing spree that it would seem was only getting started.

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