TikTok deal deadline not extended, but talks expected to continue

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Tiktok can what what the hell was. Is this all just kabuki theatre like was there any substance to this at all. Do we expect this to never be brought up again. What do you think well recording this. On december fourth which i think is a new deadline for for for the tiktok deal to go through. It's pretty fascinating. Because obviously the trump administration did not really care about tiktok. it was clearly a it was always evident. That was a a thing. They thought was beneficial to them to talk about politically And now they've moved onto to imaginary fraud. And there's no one there to push this through but there are thoughtful people who say yeah. There's really is a problem with tiktok. being essentially a chinese company ben thompson is one of them And so something should be done here. There's a whole wider sort of us. China thing gets worked out so this is just vaping and bam nothing not in the morning I do think that assuming this gets sort of left on the biden administration's desk that it doesn't go away and that they'll be some kind of change to tick tock. I don't know if oracle and walmart being sort of investors have operators is. This is the is the solution in clearly. Tiktok doing just fine Even though it has an issue

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