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Shocking. Romance. Andy's baby finally being born the whole fuck Jerry saga, Arianna Grandes, tattoo, mishap and so much more. Hey, guys, I'm Emma. I'm julie. And we're the girls behind comments by celebs and what a week. Oh, I I'm not kidding. We've never had more information. I know he say this a lot. But this is seriously this week was our Super Bowl. No pun intended. Yeah. On another level and so much better than the Super Bowl so much better. And also this is the first time Julian I are seeing each other since all of the stuff has happened. So we are actually talking about it for the first time, and we're freaking out before we get into anything though. We just wanted to take a moment to send our love to jussie smollet for any of you. Haven't heard Jesse is an actor who was recently salted in Chicago, solely based on his sexuality and his skin color. And we were just so disgusted by the story. And obviously, there's no place for that in our country or in our world, and we just wanted to send him our love. And you know, let them know where thinking about him. There's actually a really incredible video of Ellen page. Did you see this Stephen Colbert that everyone should watch talking about it? I great call. I did watch. It is true. So. She's she's incredible. And that's amazing. Yeah. Okay. Guys, fuck up. Let's get into it. Okay. We're going to start with at. I say this every time we're going to miss somethings. Because we just can't. So we had to prioritize. But anyway, we're gonna start with Keeton Pete. 'cause personally I'm so excited to talk about it Mutale leading literally all week for this. This. Okay. Here we go. I little background. So basically for the first time after the Golden Globes Kate and Pete were spotted together leaving a party and everybody kinda was freaking out about it. But we didn't really have pictures. We just heard about this. And you know, it was it was interesting. It was intriguing, but we didn't know anything until last week February first they are spotted leaving his comedy show holding hands. Kate has her hand over her face. He is smiling ear to ear. Of course. He is apparently right after they leave they go to a hotel lobby and their apparently, very cuddly, the article, I read read said that she was like kind of nuts in his neck, and they looked very coupley. And oh my God. It's wild. I'm telling you. I've said it once I've said a million times, no one pulls like feet David's. It's unbelievable. Bethany Frankel tweeted yesterday. I saw he tweeted, and she was like, okay. What's the deal here, like Arianna ground AK Beck until like this this guy just shoot diamonds out of his dick? And really, honestly. Yeah. You know what? In a weird way, though, it makes sense. She he from what I've read he's very her type like she's very until like, the younger guy like comedian bad way, quote, badboy, she has something that we've learned from her. And I didn't know this until we started really analyzing the comments that she has this very witty sensor. That's almost a little edgy very kind of sexual in her sense of humor. Yeah. And she's smart like you can tell she's really smart. And it makes sense to me that she likes someone that has the type of sense of humor that he has totally. I also like not not to be there's a huge age difference here. Yes. So what she he's he's twenty five. She's forty six and she also has a daughter who's twenty. Yeah. Julie Texan me. She's like something that we don't really talk about is how significantly closer in age. Pete is to Kate's daughter, then it's like when people copulated that Sophia Richie is closer in age to Penelope then. Yeah, then. Yes, scott. It's like one of those situations. But I'm here for it. First of all. You know, my belief age is just a number. And you are how you feel and first of all she doesn't look or feel at all. She is. Why not oh my God. Of course. Why like you know, what I mean, she's living and good for P coli shit. She was thinking about Kate Beck and sale. I feel like she's one of those universally hot. Like, there's so many things I while she's British..

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