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How much? I appreciate your prayers to my Grammy, Helen. She's doing well. She just needs some rest. She needs peace. And she definitely knows that people are praying for her. And I'm looking forward to speaking with her again tomorrow, But thank you. Thank you so much for showing up and letting me know overwhelmingly. So how much you care about Grammy? Helen and how much you're praying for? I really appreciate that and I will make sure to pass along good news. As soon as I have it, because there will be only good news. So on Twitter again, a low radio also on our Facebook page are Monday. M V P. Voting is still going on. Pretty soon we will present the candidates for TD of the week, though I suppose with one more game to go. Maybe Dallas or Baltimore will give us a candidate for TD of the week. Huh? Not sure. I wanna wait though. Anyway, our phone number 855 to 1 to 4 to 27. That's a 55 to 1 to four. CBS If you would like to tack on Seymour. Good, bad and ugly, but I knew our Facebook page was blowing up. On Monday afternoon. I was seeing your post still kind of pour in I am so pleased for Ron Rivera. So please for Washington. So please for Alex Smith. Who I have been stumping for as NFL Comeback Player of the year. Going back to training camp and you know J. J Watt stole my line. JJ Watt stole my opinion. I don't believe in hot takes But he is now decided that it's his opinion as well. I just want to read this to you from JJ's Twitter. Yes, of course. He was watching Washington and Pittsburgh and Throughout the game, as he usually does when he watches Pittsburgh he's growing about his brother. He is probably TJ's biggest fan, and I would say T J is the same every time T J. What does anything on the field? JJ goes ballistic on Twitter. It's kind of fun. The sibling rivalry is off the table when it comes to these two guys cheering for one another and their separate ventures. But here is what he tweeted after Washington's win. What Alex Smith has done is unbelievable Comeback player of the year even before taking a snap. Wait a minute. I said that That's what I said. He says playing winning football after everything he's been through is even more incredible. Did O. J. J did. Oh, man, they didn't need the signature win. But what they needed was a win a win just so that they could stay even with the Giants in the NFC East. You guys tried to tell me this division? Was going to shrivel up and die. And I told you, Nope. Somebody's gonna win it and the season's not over. We could, in fact, end up with Winning record atop the division. But let's not get crazy, okay? Ron Rivera. Alex Smith. Washington didn't need this win. But man, it sure looks good when you've got it and what a confidence boost For a team that He's in the midst of trying to rebuild its winning culture reset the atmosphere. Both In the facilities as well as on the field. Ron Rivera, trying to craft a program in a franchise That he believes is sustainable. And so much more on his plate than he ever anticipated. Not to mention covert protocols and close facilities. Everything that's happened this season every team is dealing with, but in Washington's case for him to come in under these circumstances And be tasked with Resetting an entire NFL franchise. This game. He's a massive confidence boost. And then you have the implications in the NFC East race, and then you have the implications for the DFCS, top seed and by we will get to that. I told you it wasn't over. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. The Steelers were up 14 3 at the half in Pittsburgh on their own field. The turning point for Washington. To me was the very first drive of the second half. The very first drive of the third quarter. In which Alex Smith engineers a 14 play 82 yard march. That consumes nearly seven minutes, so it takes half of the third quarter. It ends with the Peyton Barber TD run. At that point, Washington was still trailing. But it was about controlling the ball. Asserting your offensive style. Running what it is that you wanted to run. And how about Given the Pittsburgh defense A little bit of something something to make him tired through the rest of the game. I mean, that's a long time to be on the field, even for defense is good is Pittsburgh. We got to see play The Washington defense. But man to me that was kind of a jab. It wasn't a knockout blow, but it was the set up for the knockout blow. Seven minutes 82 yard 14 play Dr That pulled Washington within four You look at what Washington did on defense, allowing on Lee a single field goal in the second half, by the way, congratulations to Matthew Wright, who makes his NFL debut successfully. On Monday afternoon out of UCF. Filling in for the injured Chris Boswell. You can only imagine the nerves that he had He has a field goal to start the fourth quarter. That's it. Those were the on Lee second half stealer point. Also in the second half, and this is courtesy of the Washington defense. A couple of punts. Failed fourth down. So this was 1/4 and one call by Mike Tomlin instead of going for the field goal to break the tie. If I remember correctly, it would have been something like a 45 47 yard field goal, something in that range. Could be off by a couple of yards. I don't quote me. But Tomlin Decides to go for it on fourth and one as opposed to taking the field goal that would have snapped the tie. And then Pittsburgh also has the only turnover of the game. So as much as the attention has been on the Steelers defense for good reason. And then in the NFC East specifically how much if I talked about the Giants defense, we just saw the Giants defense on display against Seattle on Sunday, But this Washington defense is a top 10 unit..

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