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Dot com. Never miss a moment. It's 8 28 traffic and weather on the AIDS. Jack Taylor in the W. T o P Traffic Center. Still have that delay Prince George's County, Bruce Running north on the Baltimore Washington Parkway near 1 97. The crash up near 1 98. Remains along the left side of the roadway. Stay right to get by. I think the accident in Laurel 95 south bound after 1 98 exit 33 may have been moved over to the shoulder. There's no delay between the Beltway's on 95 right now to 70 looks great. Coming out of Frederick. There was a break later to write at 109. That's it all The way to the lane. Divide topside out alive does remain heavy from 95 over Tour George Avenue. Heaviest traffic runs over the bump if he will over the Northwest branch. Putting it about midway between New Hampshire Avenue in University Boulevard. The bridge over the Northwest branch has work going on. Not right now. But you three right lanes have ah kind of amount of asphalt. It's a bump and it's causing a little bit of a slowdown. Inter loop looks good out of college Park all the way down to the Wilson Bridge and back should find your lanes open. Decent ride in Virginia 66 remains heavy eastbound Manassas into Centerville. And slowing around 1, 23 and Netley 95 north bound out of Fredericksburg. Good to go once clear the purple Heart Bridging the AKA Klein. You may find it heavy and Newington riding into Springfield. 3 95 does look good. We were heavy passing Duke Street. But that's the only slow down between the Beltway in the 14th Street bridge. The earlier crash he spent on Braddock Road was near Wakefield Chapel Road. Please follow police direction. That way. Looks so good between Alexandria and MacLean. You're not slowing down at all there. Jack Taylor. W T o p Traffic Now to Storm Team four Meteorologist Lauren Rickets or in the seventies, TJ. Not too bad. We've got some fog this morning. Be careful. Lots of clouds around today. I think we.

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