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That was a big one here in the united states of course and a lot of debate over whether or not we're gonna be in to a another version watergate although it looks like mueller's gonna backing it up on the donald trump probe or the back up the pro never mind that did not come out exactly the way it was planned it wasn't planned so i'm just gonna probes aren't in oh pocahontas is up to it as well saying that millions of americans are angry and scared over the damage done by donald trump okay also california mayors are blasting continuing to blast sanctuary laws at a round table with president trump we've got that story we're gonna pull out here in just a little bit as well also just a lot of things going on centric to the state of alabama interesting story maybe not interested actually it's an interesting beget sad story an oklahoma woman has been mauled to death by a pack of dogs now this is not my normal fare that according to local media they are courting to organization called oklahoma patch this particular woman was attacked by a pack of vicious dogs and was in fact mauled to death it's unclear what caused the dogs to attack a woman by the name of tracy garcia outside her home near ardmore now this occurred on thursday of last week one of the dogs was shot after charging at a carter county deputy who responded to the attack six other dogs were in fact euthanized at the owners request at eight local veterinary clinic the reason i bring this story up is that at first glance it would be appear most people are gonna fall it she was mauled to death about dachshunds yes but you know what no we don't wanna laugh at this was demise kick them all but but this part of the story that gets to me is one of the dogs was shot after charging deputy really really this computer the open screen of this computer taller than the dogs he could have just reached down and picked it up by the scruff of the neck gravitate swung it around those of sauerkraut on it dachshund's mall somebody today.

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